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On Monday, rapper Asian Doll made an appearance on the Fresh & Fit podcast—and it didn’t go well.

Asian Doll

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The Texas fem-cee walked off the recorded episode following a dispute with co-host Myron “Fit” Gaines who took issue with her calling him “mean” for repeatedly demanding she and other guests on the show not have “sidebar” conversations, which is apparently a rule the hosts have for guests on their show.

“He’s mean as f***,” she said of Gaines to host Walter “Fresh” Weekes, who then defended his co-host by pointing out that it wasn’t the first time they had to tell the women on their show to…*checks notes*…stop talking to each other.

“She’s been doing it for the whole show, I’m not mean as f***. I just have rules, simple,” Gaines said before telling Doll that she “can get the f***k off the show,” because she’s “not gon’ come on the platform disrespecting me.”

If we’re keeping it a buck, Gaines was being hella aggressive while Asian Doll was calm while challenging their weird rule about talking during a show where the premise is literally people talking.

Doll took to Twitter to address the incident.

But another thing trended on Twitter besides Doll’s not-so-dramatic exit.

Gaines was asked by another one of his guests about a clip from an old episode in which he said he and Weekes said they don’t date Black women and preferred the spiceless cooking of white women. OK, they didn’t say all that—but they DO apparently date white women and for some reason think that means they need to shade Black women and “night riders” a.k.a. men who date them in the process.

In the clip, Gaines asked Weekes about the African-American dating app BLK and the two cornily laughed about not wanting to date “Shaniquas and LaTishas.”

Gaines: “Hey bro, if you wanna date a bunch of Shaniquas go for it!”

Weekes: “Laquisha!”

Gaines: “Me and Fresh aren’t really down with the brown like that, we ain’t night riders, sometimes if they’re redbone but in general me and Fresh don’t dabble in the dark.”


“When it comes to dating and you’re personal preferences, no one bats an eye when women say they want a man that’s six feet tall, makes a certain amount of money, blah blah blah—those are considered preferences,” Gaines said in explanation. “But if I say, ‘Hey man, I don’t date Black girls like that—’Oh God, you hate Black women!'”

Yeeeeeeah, nah, bruh, that’s not how this works.

First of all, dating someone who “makes a certain amount of money” is a practical decision. Broke people can bring your credit score down, have you paying for literally everything, and, well…y’all know the lyrics to “Tyrone.” (Also, it’s worth mentioning that men also have the agency to reject women who are not financially stable—we just don’t.)

And as far as the “six feet tall” thing—stop it, bruh—most people are shallow to some extent and virtually everyone wants to be with someone they’re physically attracted to. 

None of those actual “preferences” are the same as excluding an entire race of women from your dating pool based on zero specified characteristics outside of said race. And when you’re excluding women of the same race as you, the women in your family, and the woman you came from—well, that’s just some self-hating, Uncle Ruckus house negro s**t right there.

Yes, we all have our preferences—but some of our preferences are a result of the eurocentric programming of a thoroughly colonized mind. 

No wonder they won’t let Black women talk to each other on their janky-a** show.




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