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Oh, it ain’t over.

Empty Jury Seats in Courtroom

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Derek Chauvin was convicted and sentenced to 22.5 years in prison for murdering George Floyd on a Minneapolis street corner in 2020. However, while Chauvin is the person most physically responsible for Floyd’s death, there are certainly others who are culpable to varying degrees for their inaction in the face of the cold-blooded crime that was unraveling right in front of their eyes.

Heads got to roll.

According to Yahoo! News, the jury selection for the trial of former officers J. Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao have begun and the eyes of America once again turn to a Hennepin County courtroom where we will watch a seemingly inevitable outcome unfolds. We say seemingly because let “legal experts” tell it, this federal case will be very different than the state case.

“In the state case, they’re charged with what they did. That they aided and abetted Chauvin in some way. In the federal case, they’re charged with what they didn’t do — and that’s an important distinction. It’s a different kind of accountability,” said Mark Osler, a former federal prosecutor and professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Law.

That said, Osler also notes that this trial has the potential to be game-changing when it comes to holding police culture accountable for the deaths of innocent and unarmed people.

“This trial is going to present an evolutionary step beyond what we saw at the Chauvin trial because we’re not looking at the killer, but the people who enable the killer. And that gets a step closer to the culture of the department,”

We shall see.


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