Kevin Gates reveals he was suicidal during the pandemic and actually made the decision to take his own life but on the way to end it all, a chance encounter changed his mind.

Kevin Gates In Concert - New York, NY

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The Big Facts Podcast with DJ Scream, Big Bank, and Baby Jade has crept up to become one of the premiere podcasts out right now. Every interview is raw and uncut and sometimes, it’s “too real” for the popular public.

The guests that go on their show always feel comfortable as they are having a conversation with hosts that understand them in a way no other media platform or personalities will, especially their Southern guests.

In their latest episode, Kevin Gates opened up about mental health in a way that was so real and so raw it will help more people than he will ever know. Kevin revealed on the podcast he made the decision to end his life, but before doing so, he went to the gym where a chance encounter with a fan changed his mind.

“December 10th through the 12th was the hardest for me [last] year,” said Gates. “See, I don’t do the, ‘Man, I’m bout to kill myself!’ I don’t want no attention. I don’t do no horse-playing, that’s horse-playing. I was gon’ – you know, the way of the samurai. Just smash myself because I was to the point I ain’t wanna live no more.”

According to the rapper, he was unhappy and felt as though he was only being “tolerated” and not “celebrated” as a provider.


“I had a raw letter that I wrote about everything,” Gates continued while discussing writing a letter to do his daughter about his suicidal thoughts. “I was just saying, I don’t regret nobody I ever stepped on. If I did, your momma ain’t raise you right. I wrote about how I’ve been in love before and had my heart broken. How the first woman to ever break my heart was my mother, and the only woman to ever love me was my grandmother.


Things took a turn for Gates however during a chance encounter at his gym.

After I did that, I went in the gym, worked out, took a shower, put all my jewellery on. I looked at myself in the mirror and said, ‘It’s time to stand on that business. Ain’t no more talking.’ So I was like, ‘Yeah, let’s go get it done.’”


“White boy walked up on me, kinda big, I see him in there a lot. He said, ‘Can I approach you?’ He like, ‘Man, your music the only thing that make this crazy world make sense.’ I was like, ‘Man, the world’s a cruel place. Trust me, I know.’ He was like, ‘Man, I was worried about you because you had disconnected your Instagram and your Twitter. The world needs you because your music done kept me from committing suicide so many times.’

I say, ‘Listen, I swear to God, right now I’m bout to go push my s**t off. You the only one I’m telling.’ You know what that dude do? He cried and he grabbed me and he said, ‘If you do that, so many people gonna take their own life ’cause you all we got.’ This shows you how God works through people. I said, ‘You know what? I guess I’ll stick around a while.’”

As he said in the interview, it is wild how God will use other people to reach you and show you what you might not be able to see on your own. Hopefully, Kevin and the fan were able to get a workout in after that encounter.

We are all thankful that the fan was there that day to change his mind and keep him with us.




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