White FL Teacher Bullied & Attacked Special Needs Black Girl, Family To Sue

Federal Lawsuit To Be Filed Against White Teacher For Bullying, Assaulting 7-Year-Old Black Special Needs Student [Video]

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Come outside, Karen! We’re not going to jump you! We just want to talk.

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No matter how trifling and trash racists are across the country, like forcing a Black 9-year-old to eat food from the garbage, someone in Florida is ready to give them a run for their MAGA money. A teacher at Airbase Elementary School in Homestead, Florida, sunk lower than low when she allegedly attacked 7-year-old Amaria Clark back in September of last year. CBS 4 reports that her mother, Adah Clark, will file a federal lawsuit against the teacher for bullying the sweet child about her special needs until Amaria was moved to another classroom and then retaliated with an assault that sent the girl to the hospital. How is she still walking free after attacking this little girl in broad daylight?

This teacher waited until Amaria boarded her bus after school to ambush her from behind like a b***h-ass bully. She snatched the girl’s arm with so much force that it left bruises and sprained her tiny arm.

“When my child gets off the bus, other children were all around me, telling me what happened,” Adah said about the day of the incident. “It didn’t make sense, but by the time I got to Amaria, her arms told it all.”

Once Adah heard the story and saw the bruises, she took her daughter to the urgent care unit at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and filed a report with the Miami-Dade County Police Department.

“Once the doctor came back and had to wrap her little wrist, I just broke. She went from doing cartwheels up and down to now having to rest her hand on a pillow because it hurt,” she continued.

Just like a Karen, she pretended to be the victim and accused Amaria of stealing her phone. However, there was no proof before or after the violent confrontation that she ever had or even touched that woman’s phone. In fact, Amaria wasn’t even in her class at the time because the teacher had already been reported for claiming the girl, who is developmentally delayed and requires Individual Education Plans, is “impulsive” and “acts like an animal.” She also refused to let Amaria go to the bathroom as needed despite her documented bladder issues that a urologist has treated for four years.

The Clark family believes that the attack was pure retaliation for reporting the teacher and removing Amaria from her classroom. This incompetent ingrate should’ve counted her blessings that she kept her job instead of plotting on payback against a defenseless second-grader. In addition to violating Amaria’s 14th Amendment right, the family is suing her for “violation of the American With Disabilities Act, assault & battery, false imprisonment, displayed negligence and infliction of emotional and physical distress on the child.”

“To see Amaria boarding the bus home, come up from behind, swoop in on Amaria without any provocation, no warning, grab Amaria from behind, jerk her and yank her around to falsely accuse this little girl of stealing a cellphone, which there was no cellphone,” said attorney Rawsi Williams.

If this horrible story wasn’t “Florida” enough already, the Miami-Dade School District claimed she did nothing wrong.

“These are serious allegations that were thoroughly investigated as soon as they were first reported,” MDSD said in a statement. “The investigation was concluded with a finding of no probable cause.”

Miami-Dade School District also claimed the teacher, who worked for them for 45 years, had no prior disciplinary action. That’s precisely the problem! If this teacher was reported for mocking and assaulting a 7-year-old with special needs and still has a clean record, what else did they let her and other racist teachers get away with for the past 50 years? Let this lady pick on somebody her own size behind bars because she most certainly belongs in prison.



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