Welp! At least he’s being honest…

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Nick Cannon is jealous of a lil’ rose toy??? The father and comedian got seriously candid on a recent episode of his eponymous show regarding his insecurities when it comes to his sexual partners using sex toys.

41-year-old Nick is usually all jokes but he got a bit serious as he explained his sex toy reservations during a Nick Cannon Show segment called “The Man Panel”, where panelists — Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Dr. Ish Major, Chad Moore, and Rip Michaels — listened as he explained why he deems sex toys as his “competition.”

For Nick, it appears as if he likes to do the pleasing himself to boost his ego, leaving little room for inanimate objects to do the sexual satisfying.

“You know what? I’mma be honest with this. If a woman wants to bring a toy to the bed, I see that as competition. Just me, personally. I’m a pleaser and if I’m not the one pleasing, then I don’t need another object in the room because I’m trying to be as sensual and as connected as possible. That, to me, is a distraction.”

Nick continues around the 39-min mark of the show saying,

“And I’m open to all types of things, but if it’s something that is gonna bring you pleasure beyond what I can do—again, maybe that’s an insecurity, but I don’t want no competition.”

Not every man seemed to agree with Nick’s trepidations when it came to sex toys. In a comment on his Instagram page, someone’s husband actually tried to win Nick over in the sex toy department, sharing:

“A toy for me is extra fun. The toy isn’t a replacement, it’s an addition. I don’t care how good a man is in bed, he can’t vibrate on level 10. I use toys on my wife. It’s a lot of fun.”

What do YOU think of Nick’s reservation when it comes to using kinky toys?

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