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The family isn’t surprised nor convinced.

Justice For Kendrick Johnson Rally

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

If you’ve been reading BOSSIP over the past few years then you know that we’ve been covering the unexplained death of a boy named Kendrick Johnson in Lowndes County, Georgia. Kendrick’s body was found inside of a rolled-up gym mat at Lowndes County High School back in 2013 and since then his family has been fighting to get justice for their son. They are seeking justice because for years now the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office has been telling them that foul play was not a factor in their son’s death.

They ain’t buyin’ and to be honest, we’re not either.

Justice For Kendrick Johnson Rally

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Let them tell it, Kendrick slipped into the mat while he was reaching for a shoe and got stuck. “Accidental positional asphyxia” is how the Georgia Bureau of Investigation described it in their autopsy report. Lowndes County Sheriff Ashley Paulk has announced that a second investigation into this suspicious death has been closed and no criminal charges will be filed. Paulk called the incident a “weird accident” and went on to say that “nothing criminal happened”.

Again, the family calls bulls**t according to CNN.

“We have not had faith in Lowndes County. We knew what the outcome would be from the very beginning,” Kendrick’s father, Kenneth Johnson, told CNN. “You can’t do an investigation with the same investigators who covered it up. They’re not going to uncover something that they covered up.”

The discrepancies between the initial report remain and the family’s independent autopsy remain and yet police remain steadfast that it was just Kendrick’s time. That’s a pretty unacceptable answer considering the circumstance. How would Kedrick have rolled himself inside a gym mat? Even if he “slipped and fell” the mat was…rolled up.


“I am quite sure that there will still be a contingent that will believe there was foul play,” the sheriff wrote in the report. “I encourage everyone to study the evidence in this file before forming an opinion.”

Yes, “a contingent” of people with eyes who can read believe there was foul play. Correct, Captain Obvious.


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