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One thing to know about cops—they really just can’t stand for Black people to challenge their authority even the slightest bit. Oh, Black people are tired of being stopped by police every time some random 911 caller finds something we do suspicious? “Too bad!” Black moods don’t matter unless they’re wrapped in a blue uniform and accompanied by a badge and gun. And white cops? Please, they don’t have bad moods, you negroes are just “scary” and “dangerous.”

On February 4, at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana, a police officer was called to investigate a report about a woman who was possibly being held against her will, according to Journal & Courier. That’s where Officer Jon Selke met 24-year-old Adonis Tuggle and a woman claiming to be his girlfriend. Of course, it didn’t appear that the woman was being held against her will. In fact, once Selke got to the scene, the only concern seemed to revolve around a white cop’s body weight and a Black man’s neck. (George Floyd, anyone?)

Accompanied by video footage of the altercation recorded by the woman involved, Tuggle accused Selke of repeatedly punching him, elbowing him in the face, smothering his face in the snow, and choking him.

The CRYSTAL clear footage is now going viral.


From Journal & Courier:

“Stop! You’re hurting me,” Tuggle said on the video.

“You’ve been disrespectful the whole time, bro,” he said.

The woman yells at Selke to get his arm off of Tuggle’s neck, after which, Tuggle yells, “You’re choking me.”

During the video Selke is seen radioing for backup. The woman shooting the video reaches out and apparently touches Selke, as he orders her back and tells her if she touches him again, he will Taser her.

As more officers arrive, the woman is heard saying, “Please help. This officer won’t get off his neck. He’s has taken it too far.”

Remember, only cops are allowed to touch people. Sure, reaching out is something people do reflexively when something violent is happening around them, but that’s an emotional act. You have to be a cop to be allowed emotions. Don’t get yourself tased for being scared.

Selke, of course, claimed Tuggle refused to cooperate with his lawful requests, and that necessitated him to go full WWE on his “suspect” while he laid in the snow and frantically struggled out of pain and fear. Tuggle was eventually booked into the Tippecanoe County Jail Friday on suspicion of resisting law enforcement.

Here’s what Police Chief John Cox had to say about the incident in a statement:

“Any time a PUPD officer uses force in connection with an arrest, the department conducts an internal review. PUPD commenced that review, led by Deputy Chief Lesley Wiete immediately upon receiving the officer’s report on Friday night. That investigation will, under PUPD General Orders, include input from all witnesses to the arrest and take into account all available evidence, including video from officers’ body-worn cameras and statements from the students involved. No physical injuries were suffered in the incident.

Purdue police take incidents such as this seriously. The video from body-worn cameras will be made available as will all findings and evidence from the internal review when complete.”

The Purdue Exponent now reports that Selke has been placed on leave “until further notice” according to PUPD Chief John Cox. Cox initiated the leave of absence after the officer and department received death threats, a press release said. PUPD is investigating the threats.

So now we wait to see what’s next.

Whatever further action is taken, it won’t be as swift as the action taken against a Black man who appears to be way more of a victim than a perpetrator, so let’s not hold our breath for justice on this one.


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