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Speed Skating - Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Day 9

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Not to sound all gloom-and-doom about Black History Month 2022 but there has been a ridiculous amount of foolishness that has transpired ever since the calendar turned to February 1. That said, there is plenty of good to celebrate BOSSIP plans on covering the good and the bad with equal fervor.

Enter, Erin Jackson. She might not have been a household name when she woke up Sunday morning but we have a feeling all that is about to change. Yesterday, Jackson won the women’s 500m with a gold medal time of 37.04.  According to CNN, the victory makes the 29-year-old Jackson the first woman to win a speed skating competition since 1994’s Bonnie Blair and the first Black woman to EVER take an individual medal at speed skating.

“I cried immediately, it was just a big release of emotion. A lot of shock, a lot of relief and a lot of happiness. I haven’t fully processed everything quite yet, but it just feels amazing,” Jackson told reporters.

She added: “I had a little misstep on the backstretch, but I just tried to, I wouldn’t say recover, because it wasn’t anything big, but just tried to continue skating.”



The reason Erin Jackson was able to accomplish this feat? One word. Opportunity. Jackson’s teammate Brittany Bowe gave up her spot on the team so that Jackson could take center stage in an elite Olympic event.

“Right after the race, I knew that if it came down to me relinquishing my spot for her to be named on the team, I would do that because she deserves it,” Bowe told reporters earlier this week.

“She has earned the right to compete in her marquee event at the Olympics, and it was an honor to give her that spot for the opportunity to race for gold for Team USA.”

This is was true solidarity looks like. All athletes work hard to be the best in the world and if a white athlete sees that a counterpart isn’t getting a fair opportunity to compete then sacrifices like these will have to be made.

Shout out to Brittany Bowe and an even bigger shout-out to Erin Jackson!



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