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A flight attendant subdued one of their passengers attempting to open the cabin door with a coffee pot to the head.

American Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner taxiing at Athens...

Source: SOPA Images / Getty

Since the pandemic started, unruly airline passenger videos have had a run almost as good as Worldstar videos in their prime. Every couple of weeks, some passenger just has to show out and act a fool on their flight.

We’ve seen passengers get duct-taped to seats, try to open plan doors while taking off due to drug use, and much more. The pandemic has people acting up as we see all over social media, and the stories just get crazier and crazier. Until now, the only sign of flight attendants fighting back is the duct-tape incident, but we just got a new addition.

Fox8 reports another unruly passenger tried to act up on a recent American Airlines flight but ended up being knocked to sleep before he knew what happened. How was he put to sleep you ask? By a flight attendant who had enough of his games and had to stop him from opening the cabin door. The flight was scheduled to depart from Los Angeles and arrive in Washington D.C. but was forced to make an emergency landing in Kansas City. The unruly man reportedly also grabbed a plastic knife from the serving area and directed it towards a flight attendant before grabbing a small champagne bottle and trying to break it on a counter.

A nearby flight attendant knocked the man unconscious by hitting him in the head twice with a coffee pot. Once the plane arrived in Kansas City, he was promptly arrested. Long story short: The flight attendants are fed up; leave them ALONE.




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