Tai And Boston Fight Again On Finale Of "Love During Lockup"

‘Love During Lockup’ Exclusive: Tai And Boston Get Hostile During Sit Down About Hottie

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Sheesh… Hottie has these women all kinds of upset!

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We’re sad to see the first season of “Love During Lockup” coming to a close, but we’re happy to say that we’ve got an exclusive sneak preview clip from the season finale airing Friday! All season long we’ve been following Tai’s drama over her felon bae Hottie after learning another woman, Boston, was also claiming he was her man. In the clip, it appears that Tai and Boston are prepared to sit down and talk maturely about both dating the same man — Hottie — who is currently behind bars for possession of narcotics with intent to distribute. Unfortunately, things only stay civil for so long and after Tai starts name-calling, the meet up quickly turns into a street scrap. Check out the clip below:


Welp. Is anybody surprised how that went? We actually were hoping the ladies would manage to redirect the hostility toward the person who has been misleading them both, but how often does that happen? Anybody else eager to hear what Hottie has to say to Tai?

Here’s what else to expect from the season finale of “Love During Lockup”:

Gabby gets a call about Chris’ release that changes everything. Tai faces off with Boston to get the truth about Hottie. Dalton tries to win Haley back with a surprise. Max meets a new inmate. Talsey stuns Santiba after ghosting her.

Sounds like lots of juicy things will be happening in this finale episode. Will you be watching?

The season finale of “Love During Lockup” airs Friday, February 25 at 9pm EST on WeTV



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