Blame BOSSIP for ‘Mz Berry’ Winning For The Love of Ray-J

- By Bossip Staff

Connie Deveauz AKA “Mz. Berry” won ‘For The Love of Ray-J’ this week and something we hate ourselves for was revealed: Mz. Berry says she was inspired to try out for the show after reading a post on Bossip. SMH, I know, we are pretty evil, inspiring poor souls to go on a VH1 reality show. Continue

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  • jiangleia

    Valentine’s Day is approching

  • jiangleia

    Valentine’s Day is approching
    Someone told me…
    W_e_a_l_t_h_y_R_o_m_a_n_c_e_S.C_o_m.. is where many highly successful people are in search of someone for a quality relationship in their life, the same as me:)

  • NavyLady

    ::Top Ten::

  • Carmen

    She is a nobody and so is Ray J.


    happy for her ray j betta go all out for valentines day

  • chanicani

    Connie,you are waaaaaay too fine and a touch too classy for Ray Jay.Set him free back to those cheap hoodrats to squawk over him,which we know VH1 will do next season.Hope the show was just a stepping stone for you,and wish your fine A S S the very best of luck.

  • Carmen

    I agree with the above post!!

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    I don’t know why people compare her to Halle Berry.

    Dis chic Mz. Berry is 10 times prettier than Halle Berry.

    I know imma catch backlash, but in my opinion Halle Berry is straight up UGLY as a mofo. She is just not attractive whatso ever in my opinion.


    Really who the hell cares?
    There will be another LOVE OF RAYJ next season anyways….. this bxtch will probably break her hip or something bein so damn old.

  • Prvt Investigator

    and guess what? there is only one listing under her name in the entire country. and here is: Call and mail @ your leisure. lol

    1808 Greystone Heights Dr
    Valrico, FL 33594-4539
    (813) 655-3598

  • sweaty murphy

    mr.uppercutts if you think halle berry is ugly you have to be a fag stright up kill yourself

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