Are You Feelin This Get Up???

- By Bossip Staff

Rihanna was spotted performing onstage at the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam in Miami last night.  She decided to rock this interesting “Amber Rose” inspired get up.  All we want to know is…

Are you Feelin this Get Up??? More pics from the show of Rihanna, Keri Hilson, Timbaland and more on the flippy.

Check out Rihanna and Jeezy’s performance here.

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  • jonii.xo

    poor child can’t sing, but i’d killll for her legs

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983....71 Days!!!

    I actually love it! Cute!!!

  • Sarah


  • Sweetest Taboo

    Usually she’s on point, but this one rubbed me wrong. I don’t know….

  • bob marley

    at least she got half a pant on. she must have mome talant. wait, now I see the pics at the bottom. no pants no talent.

  • Ms. P

    I loved the outfit! Rihanna has an excellent sense of style.

  • muse

    Don’t like the outfit but she looks great in it. That hair is a mess though. I guess if you focus on how she looks you may not notice that she sounds terrible or you may not care at all. The plan is working.

  • OD

    WTF does Keri Hilson have on? At what point did it become acceptable to wear a top with no pants onstage? (Outside of the strip club)

  • ya girl court

    She looks a mess in that black thing. What’s up with these celebs wearing bathing suit like outfits to perform in? Can we get a real outfit please? For real.

  • FacedOn

    This outfit is wack. It’s not working.

  • http://Bossip Money Ova Men "Tasty"

    I like it.RiRi can wear almost anything and look cute.But Kerri and her moon pie head.She needs sum butt implants or something.Plus she a fashion failure at most events.

  • foxxy cleopatra foster

    OH NO HONEY. How your doppleganger look better than you?

  • Tru

    Keri’s azzz is practically out WTF!!

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    I like the outfit, it’s different and edgy.
    GTFOH! That outfit was NOT Amber Rose inspired! Rih is a fashionista and is deemed as a promising fashion icon, Amber ain’t no where near such a status to inspire Rih. lmao!

  • just saying

    RiRi=Fashionista, NO! RiRi=Delusional, YES! Poor thang! Every since the Chris Brown fiasco she has been wondering around looking crazy, wearing weird sh!t, doing crazier things to her hair, and putting on this facade like she’s doing okay. Please believe, this “I’m doing this for attention to prove a point” is not fooling me. She is tore up on the inside because she wants to be with C.B., but she knows society will not accept it (plus her career would be over). And anyone that thinks she does not still want that boy, is truely living in a fantasy world. What she needs to do is go get some counseling and deal with her issues and quit walking around making a fool out of herself. And No, I’m not hating, I’m completely confident in my skin and esteem. I just feel sorry for her.

  • Smurfette

    Looks like she borrowed this outfit out of the Joker’s closet.

  • JUDY

    Only Rhianna can pull off certain looks that no one else could and get away with it.

  • GTFOH with the DUMB

    Since the topic is the outfit- it looks like it was “Santa on crack” inspired.

  • omo

    Please this outfit is horrrrible. what was she thinking?She needs help….she an attention who.r.e anywayz.
    @Nick,you know she miss CB….its obvious….she does not know how to handle her feelings so thats why she be looking stupid all the time
    @just saying….i agree with you 100

  • lisa

    It looks like she is trying to channel FloJo (the late Florence Grifin Joyner)

  • !!!!!


  • auchamp22

    she doesn’t do it for me… nothing about rihanna does it for me

  • Aunt Viv

    Her body is amazing, but everything about her feels so…contrived. Sorry.

  • TheOriginalBlkBarbie

    Candace Swanepoel (a Victoria’s Secret model) wore something very similar to this, but in blue, at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I think Rihanna looks great in it. She has the body to pull it off. I hate the hair though.

  • real black is chocolate f'ck fake azz bullsh't!!!! real nikka aka Gmen

    Rihanna please go away.You have no talent

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