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Florida Woman Arrested For Fatally Throwing Boyfriend’s Dog From 7th Floor Balcony

(07/25/07 Stoneham, MA ) Pug Day- Dylan. ( Staff Photo by Faith Ninivaggi Saved in sun )

Source: MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images / Getty

This is pretty f***ed up even by trash a** Florida standards.

According to a DailyMail report, a 46-year-old drunken woman named Shelley Nicole Vaughn in Clearwater Beach has been arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty for allegedly killing her boyfriend’s pet pug. As bad as that sounds, it was the way Vaughn allegedly killed 56-year-old Eric Adeson’s fur baby that really makes this story sadistic.

Adeson alleges that Vaughn came into the house high off prescription drugs and weed smoke and began throwing his belongings out of the window and assaulting him. At some point during the argument, he says Vaughn grabbed his 3-year-old dog named Bucky, smiled, and tossed the pooch off the 7th-floor balcony of their building.

‘I was screaming… I went down and Bucky was lying there in a pool of blood,’ Adeson told reporters on Tuesday as he cried.

‘I never thought anybody could do that. I never thought anybody would have that in them.’

Listen. This broad is lucky that all she got is handcuffs and charges. Lot of folks would have been inclined to send her to join Bucky 7 floors below.

The combination of Xanax, marijuana and alcohol makes her snap,’ he said. ‘She just goes crazy.’

He added that Vaughn was ‘going through a tough time’ because her mother was battling cancer.

Well, God bless her mother but that ain’t got s**t to do with throwing the dog hundreds of feet to his death. If found guilty, the judge better give her the harshest penalty allowed by law.



Can you imagine???


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