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Jury Foreman Marcus Ransom Talks Emotional Moments In Ahmaud Arbery Case

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Now that we have officially reached justice for Ahmaud Arbery with the conviction and sentencing of his murderers, Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael, and William Roddie Bryan, we can begin to hear directly from those men and women who were charged with hearing the facts of the case. Facts that should be intensely triggering to anyone hearing them but especially to us as Black people.

Marcus Ransom was the only Black male on the jury during the federal hate crimes trial against the McMichaels and their cameraman accomplice. In fact, Ransom served as the jury foreman, the one responsible for confirming the verdict on each count against the defendants. He recently spoke to the New York Times about the pain he suffered while watching, reading, and listening to all the evidence that was presented. It clearly took a great toll on him.

During the proceedings, the jury was shown an estimated 24 racist text messages and social media posts that the men had shared and sent. That didn’t exact shock the 35-year-old Ransom, however, he did note that several moments in the trial broke him down. Specifically, a social media post that mocked a young Black child dancing and the police body camera footage showing Arbery shot, bleeding, and gasping for his life.

“Just seeing that it was so much hatred that they had, not only for Ahmaud, but to other people of the Black race,” Ransom said. “It was a lot to take in.”

We can only imagine how watching something like that might haunt a person. We hope that Marcus Ransom and any other juror who might struggle with what they’ve seen can find proper professional help.


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