Ryan Coogler, director of the hit movie "Black Panther", in Washington, DC.

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News that film director Ryan Coogler had been handcuffed and detained after being falsely accused of staging a bank robbery had us hotter than fish grease. BOSSIP reported on the newly revealed incident yesterday and before long we had even more evidence of how unnecessary, inept, and incredulous this entire situation really was. We’re not sure where this Bank of America employee went to school but she doesn’t exactly seem like the crispiest bill in the cash register.

911 Call Accusing Ryan Coogler Of Bank Robbery Released

To quickly recap, Coogler went into a BOA in Atlanta to get $12,000 cash in order to pay the woman to cares for his child while he and his wife are at work. He passed the bank teller a note asking for discretion with his transaction as he did not feel safe exposing the fact that he had this much money on his person. Despite using his debit card, PIN number, and providing identification, the Black woman teller still called the cops on him. Press play below to hear the call via TMZ.

Police Body Camera Footage Of Ryan Coogler Being Detained At Bank

We can’t even begin to imagine the terror that Coogler was feeling at the time. To be minding your business then all of sudden be the suspect of a very serious crime has to be jarring and fear-inducing to say the very least. The officers who arrived on the scene were wearing body cameras and the footage you are about to see will probably infuriate you as much as it will send you spiraling into white-knuckle anxiety. Peep that video below.

You can tell that Coogler really didn’t want to be a d**k to the officers and for that, we commend him because being an innocent Black man in that position undoubtedly sends one’s body into “flight or fight” mode. Keeping a cool head has to be incredibly difficult. The sound of that cop unholstering his Glock will probably live rent-free in his mind forever. After things were finally sorted out, there were questions that needed to be asked and accountability that needed to be had. Coogler got to work on that immediately once he was released from detention.

Ryan Coogler Demands Explanation From Police Officers About Why He Was Handcuffed

We would LOVE to know how this situation was resolved with Bank of America in the days following his travesty of justice. As we reported, Coogler said the issue was “addressed to his satisfaction” but what does that mean exactly? Did he close his account and withdraw all his money? Did BOA sprinkle him with a settlement to stifle what could have been an ugly lawsuit?

Things that make you go, “Hmmm…” word to Arsenio Hall.



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