Not These Two Again

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Posted by Bossip Staff

MiMi & Nick Cannon were seen leaving Nobu restaurant in Malibu last night. Lol at ole boy toy’s shirt. Well, Nick, we’ll “stop hating” when y’all stop playin’. Fake asses.

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  • bree

    πŸ˜† @ Nick’s shirt!

    MC is looking PALE! 😦

  • Erm, what in the HEEZY? (i stand by my disappointed groan)

    why is mariah dressed up and nick lookin like that?

  • Pisces Princess

    I like them together 1st

  • Pisces Princess


  • bree

    πŸ˜† @ Nick’s shirt!

    MC is looking PALE!


  • Erm, what in the HEEZY? (i stand by my disappointed groan)

    i like Mariah’s dress though

  • fnioeu

    She is very gorgeous.

    She has posted this pic on a dating club ” C a s u a l S e e k . C o m ” . Many of her fans were seeking for her and wanna chat with her.She is very hot on that club and that club is also hot because of her.

  • Just for fun

    something about these two is not naturally flowing they look so uncomfortable/

  • Get Togetha

    Can’t knock them for trying.


    Mariah’s dress is NOT cute…..definitely gives off that older woman vibe…… and why does Nick look like he just came from chilling on some random corner in with his boys? Why oh why?

  • HollaBack

    Mariah has the absolute WORST taste in shoes!! Yuck and she needs a pedicure.. come on, girl, you can do better than that.. and why is Nick dressed like a 12 year-old?

  • Lauren's baby is kickin the sh*t out of her :(

    I love his shirt! Thats right Nick, tell them haters to fall back! But wear it when you’re NOT at dinner, lol! Mi Mi looks like a pic copied and pasted fromt he 90’s….

    MORNING ALL!TGIF!!!!!! πŸ˜†

  • BossLady

    I applaud them. I must admit that I was very skeptical at first but….who am I? Mariah is a legend in the game and Nick has extrordinary talent (and bank. Nickelodeon (sp?) cuts major checks) so I am happy to see them together. I feel as though Mariah has been through way too much to start fronting now. I mean really, Nick has bank but he doesn’t have clout so I don’t see what Mariah would have to gain from a sham marriage to him. Love is blind and it will take over your mind!


    Ok, so after looking at the pic, I think that it is not sooo much Mi Mi’s dress as it is those ugly, chuncky heeled, tan sandals….what a H.A.M!!!! All those shoes she has and she picks these with that dress……..yeah, I agree with some people when they say she is looking quite pale…..

  • 6 Figgaz

    SMH @ Nick sportin’ the Michael Jordan stache. No n*gga.

    Nice to see MC lookin’ like a normal chick for once…

  • BossLady

    But seriously, it is time for Nick to step his dressing game up. You are now Mariah Carey’s husband. Dress the part. He looks like some broke a*s negro waiting on the bus.

  • versace

    Good for her!! Let her have fun. A chapter in her life that she can look back with fondness and fun.

  • Erm, what in the HEEZY? (i stand by my disappointed groan)

    @ Ayana….she IS a older lady..LOL…nick the youngin…

    Hey Lauren!!

    Happy Friday

  • Erm, what in the HEEZY? (i stand by my disappointed groan)

    and yes…i have to concur on the sandals…they’re all wrong

  • Lauren

    What up Erm???…I was LMAO @ That fly busting its ass comment on the other thread also….shyt was FUUNNNNY! It gets good on Friday, lol!

  • Tired

    Hmmmm stop hating huh? Hmmm well stop trying to make me believe that yall ae a real couple.

  • Chaka Zulu

    Wouldn’t mind being in Nick’s place just like all of these haters hatin’ on him.

    ‘sup Lauren.

  • Sara

    Come on! He looks like her security – helping her walk through a crowd.

  • Tired

    She do look pale, at first I thought it was her dress but guess not. She always looks like she has to force a smile and he always looks kinda uncomfortable. just saying

  • Erm, what in the HEEZY? (i stand by my disappointed groan)

    @ Afiya…

    DEAD@ myself for scrollin back up and starin at the pic like WHERE? WHERE?

    *crackin up*

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