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Posted by Bossip Staff

Just like Nas’ album release party, Kimora managed to pull off a failed event this week too:

Kimora Lee Simmons’ launch of her Fabulosity collection for JCPenney wasn’t fabulous for everyone. A guest tells us the event at Hiro was “so disorganized” that several people walked out because there were no seats. “It was a disaster,” said our spy. “When we complained, we were offered bottles of champagne to stay.” Another source said attendees were groping for freebies and stealing diamond-shaped Fabulosity perfume bottles. Simmons’ rep said, “There was no designated seating, there was a VIP area that was Kimora’s for executives. And no one paid for anything.”

Honestly, it was a clothing line launch for JC Penney’s. That type of bootleg activity is to be expected SMH.


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  • bree

    When we complained, we were offered bottles of champagne to stay.”

    party over here!

  • Afiya

    She’s there to get paid…what’s the problem?

  • GirlfriendL

    i love kimora we strive to be moguls like her at

    talk about fashion, friends, and foolishness at

  • Lauren

    Kimora looks cute…no comment on the ghetto fabulous JcPenny jawn.

  • Just for fun

    James and BJ couldnt of been there? Everything she put them in charge of goes off without a hitch!

  • stop playing!!!

    “Honestly, it was a clothing line launch for JC Penney’s. That type of bootleg activity is to be expected SMH.”

    Everybody can’t afford to go other places and ball out…

    So watch your mouth…

    Or you will be shopping there next…

  • flreader


  • abc

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  • WhatsYoursIsMine

    Launching a clothing line at JC Penney is a smart decision. Designers have been taking their products to a more reachable market for years. Martha Stewart did it by bringing her Everyday line to K-mart. She had a lot of naysayers, but all she did in the end was make even more money. After watching how much money she made, others followed: Isaac Mizrahi at Target, Mossimo at Target, etc. You can buy Wolfgang Puck licensed kitchen tools at Sam’s, now honestly, do you think Wolfgang Puck would ever set food in a Sam’s Club store? I say more power to her, she just stands to make more money.

  • Lauren

    @Whatsyoursismine…thats true, because JCPenny’s is right up there with Macy’s and Mimi, Donald Trump, and all them have things going on there…

  • Chaka

    I can’t stand Kimora but I do make my appearance at the JCPenny sales rack every quarter. That’s for damn sure. I guess I’ll be rockin some fabuloucity in the office.

  • Celebrity CSI

    I bet the JCPenney board of directors thought the party was highly successful…lol I do believe that the title of Kimora’s highly rated tv show is life in the fab lane…not drab lane. lol


    Hey everybody go cop nas album. Nas is bringing that FIRE!!!!.



  • lingling

    Her raggedy cheap shyt was already in Macy’s. I don’t blame her for suckering anyone stupid enough to buy her junk. Pig nose and her brats are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Lauren

    @Come ON, We already heard the news that NAS CD is whack!

  • TD

    Not that I shop at JC Penny…and not that I would not, as well; because I would. Nevertheless, why do we, as Black people, tend to put a price tag on “class”. Said word is in quotes, because I don’t adhere to the, so-called, class system. Why? Class is not something that can be purchased, and/or, should not dictate one’s level of importance. Point blank: money, absolutely, can not buy “class”. True class is how one represents him/herself (think integrity, dignity, respectful, etc.); as well as how one treats others (think kind, considerate, charitable, etc.). Often times, the people with the most money treat others like trash; and these are low-class individuals. With this said, why should it matter that Kimora’s event was representing JC Penny (which is less expensive than Gucci)? Why is it not worth people being treated well, just because JC Penny was inviolved? People who talk so much about money do so because most are not use to having it. Food for thought: put God first and everything else will work its way out!

  • nelle

    thats too bad….her dress is bangin though!!!

  • SONY

    U know she fired a lot of people that night LOL

  • SONY

    She needs to put make a lil more of her boutique clothing available to the public too

  • WhatsYoursIsMine


    So true about class and money. I grew up in the inner-city and was so sick of hearing my private school friends’ parents saying how well behaved I was. I grew up travelling, eating lots of ethnic cuisine, always knew how to behave. The rich kids I grew up with would sit there and make derogatory comments about people’s race and culture while they were serving us food. We’d go to a nice banquet/cotillion and they never behaved, and they’d always get drunk at any high society events where liquor was served, and put on a show. Everyone would just look the other way because they were rich (white) kids.

  • XiaMadison

    I agree with TD…They’re just clothes. Made for people to wear. They don’t have anything to do with a person being classy. A hooker could wear a thousand dollar outfit and still not be classy, and a classy person could make a 60 dollar outfit look spectacular. So if you can get nice clothes at an affordable price, what’s the problem? You look nice, and the designer sells clothes (which is, after all, their job)…it’s a win-win!

  • always knew

    Uhhh, Kimora, let me find out that since Rus left you, you keep appearing in lower-tier stores, over-charging Macy’s and now all your stock is going down. Kimora treats all her staff like shi-. Did anyone really think that was going to last, she’s the only one besides Djimon (excuse spelling, dk how to spell this cat’s name), that thinks she’s hot, if only she would bring down that attitude a little bit, she might actually have sales that will stick. The way she spends, I give her 5 years before she goes bankrupt, without Russ.

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    When youre launching your sh*t to the JCPenney crowd, you aint gonna get SAKS treatment!

    Oh and that free champagne was nothing more that cabonated 40’s

    You really think Kimora cares about b*tches spending $19.99 for her sh*t?

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    carbonated, sorry1

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