Prayers up for KeKe Wyatt and her unborn baby.

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Pregnant singer KeKe Wyatt shed tears during a recent show after unsuspectingly revealing that her baby has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disease known as Trisomy 13. The moment happened while KeKe performed at Atlanta’s City Winery on March 13th.

Earlier this month the singer revealed via beautiful maternity photos that she would be welcoming her 11th child  This is Keke’s second child with her husband Zakariah Darring who she wed in October 2018.

KeKe Wyatt Reveals Her Baby Was Diagnosed With Trisomy 13

While performing at City Winery and while midway through a gospel medley, KeKe reflected on her older son who battled cancer, singing:

“When the doctors told me that my son Rajjah had Leukemia cancer …i said Hallelujah.”

Keke then disclosed to her audience that doctors told her that her unborn baby has Trisomy 13, which is a rare chromosomal disorder where all or a portion of chromosome 13 appears three times.

 “And recently I found out a travesty, my baby has Trisomy 13”


KeKe Wyatt Says She Received Rude Comments About Baby’s Diagnosis

After the clip of KeKe confessing her baby’s medical diagnosis hit social media, the singer revealed that she received a number of unfavorable comments about the news. KeKe addressed the “rude” critics without revealing exactly what was said.

Instead, KeKe said she was going to pray for the cruel commenters.

“I’d like to send a special prayer out for the rude, cruel people that took time out of their day to get on social media & make disparaging & morbid comments concerning my pregnancy. This past weekend at my show I was very transparent with my amazing fans (who I see as family) about the status of my pregnancy.

I explained to them, the day after my maternity photoshoot my husband & I received the news that our baby tested positive for Trisomy 13 per the doctor.”

The mother of eleven says she shared the unplanned moment to encourage others, despite the backlash.

“It was a moment that wasn’t planned during my show but at the end of the day, I felt in my spirit to share or encourage another woman that might have to face this battle. For all of the disgusting people out there that are wishing ill on me and my baby. Say what y’all want about me, I’m used to it…No weapon formed against me will prosper anyway. BUT an innocent unborn baby?? Be careful putting your mouth on people.”

Keke Wyatt Thanks Supporters After Revealing Baby’s Diagnosis

Negativity aside, the singer shared gratitude for the kindness she received from some fans after breaking the news.

“I pray that God gives you grace when Life comes knocking on your front door & you won’t reap what u are sowing. For all of the POSITIVE stories, emails and support I’m getting THANK YOU! I will not let the negativity drain all of my positive energy…. I work hard and my husband & I take care of ALL our children with NO help but GODS OoooooKaY! We will continue to believe the report of the Lord! #GodsWillBeDone”

We’re sending best wishes to Keke Wyatt and her unborn child.


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