'The Outfit' Stars Describe Character As 'Wanksta'

‘The Outfit’ Exclusive: Stars Of New Mob Thriller Weigh In Whether Key Character Is Gangster Or A ‘Wanksta’

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This Friday March 18 ‘The Outfit’ arrives in theatres.

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One of the smartest films we’ve seen this year, ‘The Outfit’ tells the story of Leonard (Mark Rylance), a master English tailor who’s ended up in Chicago, operates a corner tailor shop with his assistant (Zoey Deutch) where he makes beautiful clothes for the only people around who can afford them: a family of vicious gangsters. One night, two killers (Dylan O’Brien, Johnny Flynn) knock on his door in need of a favor – And Leonard is thrust onto the board in a deadly game of deception and murder.

Dylan O'Brien and Zoey Deutch star in The Outfit

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Bossip Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden chatted with ‘The Outfit’ stars Zoey Deutch & Dylan O’Brien about the period piece, set in 1950’s Chicago. The film takes place in the course of one night inside the shop of a bespoke tailor named Leonard. Zoey’s character Mable works for Leonard, but Dylan’s character Richie is the son of the mob boss who has his crew making covert drops at the shop. One night Richie is brought to the shop after a bloody gunfight and everyone in the building is in danger of losing their life unless Leonard plays his cards right.

In our first question for the pair, we made a reference to 50 Cent’s 2002 hit “Wanksta” asked whether or not Richie fits the description. We also asked Zoey and Dylan to talk about Mable and Richie’s daddy issues. Check out the interview below.

‘The Outfit’ is in theatres only March 18


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