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“Did you sleep with the linebacker?!”

Kimmi, Maurice Scott

Source: Love and Marriage Huntsville Season Four / OWN TV

Saturday’s season four premiere of Love and Marriage: Huntsville cut to the chase about THAT “Atlanta guys trip” cheating scandal. The OWN reality show featured brothers Marsau and Maurice Scott answering allegations made by Martell’s mistress about them cheating on their wives.

Tisha Appears Upset That Marsau Took A Solo Trip To Africa After Cheating Rumors Surfaced

The episode popped off with Marsau and his wife Tisha enjoying a night out together after he eliminated her from his vacation plans. Tisha quizzed Marsau about an apparent “solo trip” to Africa he took without inviting her, seemingly taking the journey just after the scandal of the ATL guys trip broke on social media. Mind you, Marsau stirred the pot himself by posting a picture from the trip that showed him, his brother, Maurice, and their friend Martell Holt hanging out in a club. Martell’s mistress allegedly took the photo in question.

On Saturday’s episode of #LAMH neither Tisha nor Marsau detailed which country in Africa Marsau visited, but the entrepreneur said he needed to reset—alone.

Marsau: Thank you for understanding I needed to go alone.

Tisha: Because, you know, I wasn’t on board at first. I wasn’t feeling it. Why do you need to go out of the country by yourself? There were just red flags going up. I’ve never been to Africa before, why wouldn’t we do that together as our first time?!

Marsau: I just wanted to dismiss. Over there, my phone doesn’t work, really…we’re on a different time zone. I wanted to break away from it.


Even after his wife said that he never offered to bring her on the trip, Marsau stressed that he just “needed to get away.”

Why would a married man take an international vacation without his wife or kids? That’s exactly what fans are wondering.


Fans React To Marsau’s Suspicious Solo Trip To Africa

Tisha might have let the issue go but fans had serious doubts about him globetrotting alone to the Motherland.

One #LAMH fan raised the question:

“Marsau needing to go to Africa to “unplug” is a bunch of bs. Aren’t there any wellness retreats in Alabama or state side you could’ve gone to?”

Why couldn’t he just do a staycation? Some fans are alleging that it’s a cover-up for an affair. Marsau has faced cheating allegations but there has been zero proof of any indiscretions. His friend Martell Holt previously alleged that the married man had “20 girlfriends.”  

Scroll down to see more reactions.

Kimmi Confronted Maurice After Arionne Curry Alleged He Smashed A “Linebacker” Behind Her Back

Later in the season four premiere, Maurice faced his wife on camera with cheating accusations. If you missed it, Martell’s mistress Arionne Curry made allegations that she witnessed Maurice Scott cheating on his wife Kimmi back in 2015 after meeting up with a then-married Martell and his friends in Atlanta.


After Marsau shared that photo from the infamous trip, Curry reshared it, commenting with cheating allegations.

This was the trip when Maurice was f**king with this linebacker looking b****, the next morning we went to Rays on the river for brunch. They allll lie so much and gotta mention me to stay relevant. FACTS.

Welp, Kimmi go to ask Maurice about the allegations on camera, and initially, he didn’t have much to say except,

“Are you really asking me this???”

Before he got into a song and dance however, Kimmi cut Maurice off to tell him that she just wanted a “yes or no” answer, to which he replied:

“I haven’t ever. No.”

Do you believe him?

Later in the episode, Maurice confronted his brother for posting the picture that got the both of them in trouble with their ladies.

Do YOU think something suspicious happened on the “Love & Marriage Huntsville” ATL guys trip?



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