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Get your popcorn, gala gowns, and tuxedos ready as we approach one of the swankiest times of the year! Filmgoers and filmmakers alike are gearing up for the 94th annual Academy Awards airing on Sunday. The anticipation for the Oscars follows the nominations where each film is recognized for its awesome performance in a variety of categories. Some films do such an outstanding job that they rack up a plethora of nominations. Some films touch the audience in such a way that they become legendary classics and certain films become the standard for screenwriting and acting.

12 Years

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Blockbusters we will always remember such as James Cameron’s Titanic swept through award ceremonies, not always winning in the most obvious categories. According to Metro UK, the 1998 tragic drama became the most honored film in Academy history with 14 total nominations, yet none of the winning categories were for acting. Classic movies that have given us many of the most iconic scenes including Titanic’s “I’m Flying Jack” and songs such as Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” accrue so much acclamation that it’s expected they would amass so many nods, but did you know the top twenty most nominated films range from release years 1996 to most recently 2020?

According to US Dish, 46% of people are more likely to watch a film if it has been nominated for an award. Thanks to the good folks over at US Dish we’ve got the list – which they’ve compiled – of the ten most nominated films for the prestigious Oscars, SAGs, BAFTAs, Critic’s Choice, and Golden Globes.

Top Ten Most Award-Nominated Films Of All Time

10. Birdman – 2014 (39 Nominations)

US Dish reports that Birdman was nominated for 13 Critic’s Choice awards and won 7, followed by 4 of 9 Oscars it was nominated for and 2 of the 6 Golden Globes it was up for. The film was nominated for 4 SAGs and 7 BAFTAs, taking home just one of each.

9.Titanic – 1997 (39 Nominations)

Titanic was one of the most awarded films of its time, yet fell a bit short of actually winning at each award show. The legendary tragedy was nominated for 3 SAGs and 10 BAFTAs, unfortunately taking home none of either. However, Titanic won 4 of 8 Golden Globes, 1 of 2 Critic’s Choice, and a whopping 11 of 14 Oscars.

8. 12 Years A Slave – 2013 (40 Nominations)

The heart-wrenching 12 Years A Slave was controversial yet highly nominated for BAFTAs, Golden Globes, Oscars, Critics Choice Awards, and SAGS. It was fairly successful, bringing in 1 Golden Globe, 1 Critic’s Choice, 1 Sag, 2 BAFTAs, and 3 Oscars. O

7. Chicago – 2002 (40 Nominations)

The provocative musical Chicago raked in 2 of 2 Critic’s Choice Awards, 3 of 5 SAGs, and 6 of 13 Oscars, while only taking 2 of 12 BAFTAs and 3 of 8 Golden Globes, reports US Dish. 

6. Shakespeare In Love – 1998 (40 Nominations)

Shakespeare In Love nabbed 3 of 6 Golden Globes, 2 of 5 SAGs, and 7 of 13 Oscars, yet lacking at the Critic’s Choice missing the W for the lone nomination and taking only 4 of the 15 BAFTAs.

5. The Artist – 2011 (40 Nominations)

Accruing 3 Golden Globes, the European romance was nominated for 12 BAFTAs, 7 of which it took home. The Artist won 4 of 9 Critic’s Choice, 1 of 3 SAGs, and 5 of 10 Oscars leaving it a 50% success rate, reports US Dish.

4. Lincoln – 2012 (43 Nominations)

This autobiographical film took home 19 percent of awards it was nominated for including 1 Golden Globe, 2 Critic’s Choice, 2 SAGs, 1 BAFTA, and 2 Oscars out of the 43 total nods.

3. The Shape Of Water – 2017 (43 Nominations)

The Shape of Water racked up a whopping 43 nominations, acquiring 2 out of 7 Golden Globe nods, 4 0f 10 Critic’s Choice Awards nods, 1 of 2 SAGs, 2 of 11 BAFTAs, and 4 of 13 Oscars, reports US Dish.

2. La La Land – 2016 (43 Nominations)

La La Land swept the Golden Globes taking home the awards for all 7 nominations. It also won 7 Critic’s Choice awards out of its 10 nods. It also won 1 of the 2 SAG award nods and was awarded 4 out of 10 BAFTAs and 6 out of 14 Oscars.

1. The King’s Speech – 2010 (45 Nominations)

The King’s Speech was nominated for 5 Golden Globes taking home 1. Nominated for a total of 8 Critic’s Choice Awards, it also only took away 1 win, but cleared a whopping 7 out of 14 BAFTAs. It won 2 out of 4 SAGs and 4 off its 12 Oscar nods.


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