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  • lil latte(had her puppies on 4th of july)


  • lil latte(had her puppies on 4th of july)

    i finally made it

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (fka Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    Yeah, but look at that cleavage…

    ‘Ol deep voice gal…

  • SMDH's a lying fake pic 300lb silverback gorilla, N*gger, coon, jiggaboo, porchmonkey Ape looking b*tch who only f*cks mexicans because blackmen called her ugly all her life. And she wears blue contacts. Besides mexicans give her free oranges and cherries

    You guys better listen to laila, shes saying what ive been saying since my first day on this blog, The sh*t (rap) coming outta the south nowadays is just plain ignorant, its not even music anymore, bling, money, Ugly b*tches 1/2 naked, babymommas and guns. not one word on uplifting yourselves.

  • bree

    Laila Ali disses Livesteez

  • Trimya

    Yes she is %100 right but she forgot the atheletes like AI and others who are fake thugs and refuse to let the hood stuff go . Anyone I knows that made it out the HOOD never wishes to go back to live . The black community is so scared to go against these rappers and athletes becuase they fell like a “sell out” but who’s going to help our children of the future and guide them the right way if we don’t clean up our act? . It takes a village to raise a child . I’m waiting FOR THE DAY FOR US TO STOP ACTING HOOD , IT’S CUTE WHeN YOU ARE UNDER 21!!!!jAYZ- NEEDS TO GIVE A “HOOD 101 CROSSOVER” SPEECH TO ALL THESE CLOWNS !!SHOW them how to dominate white folks the real way!!!

  • Sunshine

    None of these topics are interesting!!!

  • Celebrity CSI

    Here we go….ain’t nothin’ wrong with listening to the clean version of ‘wipe me down’…lol

  • Lauren

    WHAT DID LAILA ALI SAY?? I Can’t open LivePleez.

  • Lauren

    Slide, she’s pregnant! LOL…And she does have a deep voice, I know that ain’t from no baby! lol

  • My son's parole officer said it's gonna be alright!

    She is being specific in what kind of hip hop she does not like that is influencing the kids today. Whether it was their intentions or not, they are a big influence. I agree with her.

  • soulwoman

    The black community is so scared to go against these rappers and athletes becuase they fell like a “sell out” but who’s going to help our children of the future and guide them the right way if we don’t clean up our act?



  • Rubyredz

    This is such a slow news day…(yawn)

  • Lauren

    where’s my gravie?? 😦

  • CandyLisa

    The 10 Worst Obama Caricatures – WOW! It must be Fox News wrote this… Those crakkas are so RACIST!!!

  • BG

    On the real tho I looove me some Leila Ali… You go Girl!

  • WordtotheWise

    Laila was on point! I can tell she’s going to be an excellent mother b/c her head it screwed on tight. I agree 100% with what she said. I didn’t see it as a “dis” at all.

  • always knew

    Yes, I agree, she is talking about us not doing more for ourselves, the “new rap”, is crap. Back in the day, it used to be alot better, not as hateful, as it is now, with all the guns and drugs,she’s right, too many negroes practicing being hard…….Be real and just do you…

  • Black Consciousness

    Laila Ali spoke 100% trust about the negative images and I wish more people would stand up and say enough is enough. I am sure many of these white kids (since they buy the most rap records today) get a full day of hearing black artists tear women down, and using the N word repeatedly and love it.

  • Hannibal



    I know her father is shakin in his grave< I mean rolling. wait that N!66A aint dead yet HUH?


    Have No…is that you?

  • Hannibal

    SHUT UP…


    What did she say wrong????

  • SleeezyE

    She was not “dissin” hip hop, she simply was pointing out some glaring truths about hip hop culture that too many people, blacks especially, don’t want to admit to. As long as it makes money, there will be people willing to defend it, no matter how destructive.

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