Detroit Runs Shady Ex-Mayor’s Shady Ex-Mistress Out Of Town

- By Bossip Staff

After serving her time for lying about getting busted down by former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, political jumpoff Christine Beatty is leaving Detroit in attempt to get a fresh start. Pop the hood to find out where she’s going.

Looking for a fresh start, the former top aide and mistress of ex-Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is reportedly moving to Atlanta, according to various media outlets.

Christine Beatty and Kilpatrick both lied under oath about their extra-marital affair, which included thousands of explicit text messages.

Beatty is still on probation following her perjury conviction and she will be reporting to Georgia authorities, Judge Timothy Kenny told USA Today. Kenny is the presiding judge of the criminal division of the Wayne County Circuit Court.

Beatty served 70 days in prison and owes the city of Detroit $100,000 in restitution. She served as Kilpatrick’s chief of staff from 2002 to 2008.

Beatty, 39, reportedly has a new consulting job in Atlanta, where she will live with her two daughters, according to Detroit newspapers.


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  • WhatAWorld08

    Trash attracts Trash…PERIOD!

  • Treyc

    I guess she’s marketable!

  • lala

    So mean. She’s moving on with her life, let her be.


    And why should’nt she have a chance to make fresh start?? KK down in Texas living like an oil barron and living good, even better than he was as Mayor!! I say give the girl a break and get off her case!!!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Well good for her. I’m sure she’s leaving Detroit a much wiser woman. Did she finish law school?

  • 2Sweet

    Who wouldn’t be looking for a way out of Detroit??

  • Ignant

    well at least she’s light-skinded wit dat REAL baby herr round da edges. aint dat how yall like it??!

  • Wink Wink

    I bet she wishes she had never messed with that big black silver back gorilla!!!!!! But dirt begets mud!

  • lanette

    Atlanta? gee I Don’t know about that…

  • Black Barbie

    I don’t think she finished, but I don’t think it matters now. With a conviction, it’ll be hard for her to get a license.

  • RudeJudeCuh

    She light and bad.

  • BigAce

    She’ll be in the news again, probably for something stupid.

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  • real black is chocolate f'ck fake azz bullsh't!!!! real nikka aka Gmen

    f’ck fake azz light-skinded b’tches!

  • B3 Fearless

    Oh she’s pretty! What was she doing with HIM? Eww. Anyway moving to ATL – gay capital of the U.S.; that ordeal with Kilpatrick must have turned her off to ever having another relationship to be moving down there.

    At least she was able to get another job. Good for her.

  • loveme loveme not

    With her cheating lying azz she needs to learn how to not sleep with married men.

  • tell it like it is...

    Before I popped the lid I knew it would be Atlanta. Why do all Black people think ATL is the Mecca? Nothing but a bunch of hungry ass, broke people.

  • Luddite

    Moving to the ATL is a good idea for her. She will have LOTS of Brothas who will do her hair, makeup, and nails. Decorate her house, bring her flowers etc. Hope she doesn’t think she is actually going to get laid by any of the Brothas there 🙂

  • Jamillah

    Why is this homewrecking floozy getting a mention on any website? She was problem for Detroit and now she will be a problem for Atlanta. Her lying azz should be in jail with her married lover. Stank hoe.

  • http://google trey

    as the song goes by the 4 tops “just ask the lonely”. now lets say in this case “JUST ASK THE IG-NANT”. any and i mean any black gov’t offical in the office of goverment has a “bead” trained on his or her azz from the jump or get go.. the system takes pleasure bringing these folks down, by cause of acts done by their on hand or brining them down by sting’s… when is the last time you heard of an F.B.I. sting on a cacuasian official—- hello its called “operation negro’s on the take”. with they dumb azz….

  • Bri

    I guessed Atlanta! That’s my hometown. Nooo, we don’t need anymore hoes down here!!! Jay kay :~)

  • Ayana

    Moving to Atlanta for a fresh start???!! She will be sadly disappointed to discover that Atlanta is full of Detroiters (and they all know who she is)

  • Anonymous


    how this perjuring aldulter get out of jail and get a job and i’ve been unemployed for 7 months??????????

    *drops mic

    and LMAO @ Bri

  • anonymous

    LMAO @ Bri

    but seriously


    how did this perjuring adulter get out of jail and find a job in this recession?

    *drops mic

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  • Laquita

    She looks like this dude I saw that was a drag queen. Do you see an adams apple? The irony!

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