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Let me just start by saying that as an Atlanta-area resident and a fan of odd-and-artsy-but-clever-and-stylish programming, I love the show Atlanta. It’s brilliant, as is its creator, Donald Gover.

That being said—WTF is wrong with Donald Glover? —zack linly

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Childish Gam-Weirdo: Donald Glover Interviews Himself And, Well, This Man Is Strange

Why is Donald Glover out here interviewing himself for Interview Magazine and asking himself questions and then why he’s asking himself said to queries?

First, let’s start with what happened. The rapper asked himself, ” What’s a good man to you?” “What does ‘culture’ mean to you?” “Does anyone stay relevant?” He also made comments about the series Dave being compared to Atlanta. 

“Much like his hit FX series, the exercise is profoundly meta and reflective — to a fault, according to many on Twitter who deemed the article “cringe-y,” “weird,” and “self-aggrandizing”, reported Yahoo News about the matter.

So, the whole thing was weird, but there was one excerpt that had people seriously scratching their heads with confusion. Glover appeared to be questioning himself about his feelings about Black women and then getting offended by the line of questioning that he posed to himself. (I’m dizzy. Are you dizzy?)

“Are you afraid of Black women?” Glover asked Glover, to which Glover replied to Glover, “Why are you asking me that?”

“I feel like your relationship to them has played a big part in your narrative,” one of the Glovers continued, to which the other Glover responded, “I feel like you’re using Black women to question my Blackness.”

So, since this is apparently what we’re doing now, I’m going to interview myself about Glover’s interview of himself. (It’s like Inception, but with unmitigated negro shenanigans.)

Me: What the hell is wrong with Donald Glover?

Also me: I don’t know but his show is really good.

Me: True. And speaking of Atlanta, in the first episode of season 3, he fictionalizes a real-life tragedy in which two white women prove themselves to be racist, evil, and a deadly danger to the Black children they adopted. The episode ends with his character Earn waking up next to a white woman. Do you think that might have been an introspective script in which Glover indicts himself and his interracial relationships with white women?

Also, me: Bruh, I didn’t understand anything you…err…I just said—also, yes. 

Me: But do you think Glover has an issue with Black women?

Also, me: Bro, I don’t know. You’re just going to have to ask him—and then ask him to ask him. 

Me: This is exhausting. Why would Glover even engage in this craziness?

Also, me: Man, I don’t know. Maybe he’s just—wait for it—Childish. (*snickers*)

I would say Glover needs to do some soul searching and find himself, but, wellthat might not work in his case. 

Read his full Interview Magazine article for yourself here. 



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