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Ed Buck Sentenced 30 Years In Prison For Killing, Drugging And Coercing Prostitution

Prominent Democratic Party Donor Ed Buck

Source: Al Seib / Getty

We’ve been covering the sick criminal behavior of million-dollar political donor Ed Buck ever since 2017 when it was reported that a Black, gay, escort was found dead inside his West Hollywood home. At the time, Buck was not arrested or charged, but everything about the story was shady as hell. If it was a drama mystery that we were watching on TV we would know immediately that he was the guilty party. Months later, a second Black, gay, escort was found dead inside Buck’s home. Both men were injected with methamphetamine multiple times.

Today, CBSNews is reporting that the 67-year-old Buck was sentenced to what will essentially be the rest of his life in prison. A U.S. District Court judge in Los Angeles dropped 30 years on Buck’s head for killing, drugging, and coercing multiple men into prostitution.

“Buck used his money and privilege to exploit the wealth and power imbalances between himself and his victims, who were unhoused, destitute, and/or struggling with addiction,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Chelsea Norell said in a court filing. “He spent thousands of dollars on drugs and party and play sessions that destroyed lives and bred insidious addictions.”

The prosecution wanted Buck to be handed a life sentence. Buck’s defense attorney’s cited claims that Buck had also been abused as a child and didn’t deserve to die unceremoniously in prison. For many years, Buck served as a big Democratic donor and played a notable role in having corrupt Republican politician Arizona Gov. Evan Mecham impeached and removed back in 1987. He was a wealthy white man who enjoyed his privilege and his unchecked ability to do anything he damn well pleased including sex, drugs, and murder.

We hope he suffers every second of those 30 years.




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