?uestlove Releases Statement On NBC’s Black History Menu

- By Bossip Staff

?uestlove clears the air on his Tweets on the NBC dinner menu:

“In NO way did i ever think that this was some cruel insensitive joke on behalf of Jeff Zucker and his comrades at NBC…”

After Roots drummer ?uestlove posted a picture on Twitter showing NBC network’s dinner menu in honor of Black History month, the Internet was up in uproar with cries of stereotyping and profiling. Continue…

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  • fantasy!

    Quest is so two-faced and he licks white a.ss all day and night.

  • White Devil

    a s s o c i a t e

  • WhatAWorld08

    @White Devil

    It seems that we as black people have this issue with “Black food” because of the stigma attached to it.Every other culture’s food is considered different and a delicacy.But our food is considered a taboo,a joke.That’s why so many blacks get offended!

  • E$

    Fried chicken is not a honor….NBC was glad the cook was black, because if she was anything outside of that it would be a big issue.

  • Britchick91!

    ive never been able 2 understand y so many black Americans r so sensitive if some of the things u moan about were 2 happen in England we wouldnt be making such a big deal outta tham

  • rothschild

    whateve. still dont make no kind of sense. i can thnk of a menu to honor BHM better than fried chicken….

    how about a seafood gumbo? catfish spaghetti? etoufee? turnip greens? succatash? sweet potato pie? yams? chicken fried steak? fried liver? ox tails? hoe cakes? chicken and dumplings? rice pudding? grits? banana pudding? chow chow? hoecake? salmon croquette? mackeral on rice smothered with gravy?

    i could go on and on….

    soul food aint just fried chicken and watermelon. its an actual cuisine. people want to disconnect themeselves because sadly, we had to make something from nothing when massa had the hog and threw us its organs! why be shamed? it just proves how micro innovative we could be even in the worse predicament. thats what we celebrate. the cuisine has evolved from chittlins and fried chicken and kool aide.

    the chef is young so one cant expect her to not really know the gamut of soul foods, but the menu couldve been better imo.

    it just reinforces the stereotype which seperates us all in the worse way.

    fried chicken wasnt customary round my way. yes we got down on fried chicken, but we also ate various types of fish, rice, baked beans, kale and other healthy alternatives.

  • Small Minds...

    What is the offense? Generally speaking those items are associated with “Soul Food” which is associated with Black / African American culture. It is what it is – ony small minds would see it as anything else.

  • Somali Ninga

    African-American food is death!!!!!!!
    fried chicken, gumbo!?!!? no wonder ya’ll are obese!!
    niggªs need to go to africa and get some REAL food!!!

  • rothschild

    @Somali Ninga

    not all soul food=death boo boo.

    healthy choices such as rice meals, greens, yams, veggies, grains, fish and fruit desserts are prepared best when prepared with heart and soul. dont get it twisted.

  • Symone

    My company is planning a Black History Month celebration and the food will be catered by a well known Soul Food restaurant. I am not offended at all, bring on the delicious food!! Especially the ones rothschild just mentioned ^^^^

  • Butterflyj30

    Shut up Evil Hannibal and Somali Ninga

  • Somali Ninga

    @ Butterflyj30
    Dont be mad! it’s the truth!! 😉

  • White Devil

    @ rothschild

    During World War II, the Americans and British called the Germans “Krauts”. Kraut being the German word for cabbage, which the Germans ate a lot of. But if you served sauerkraut at an Oktoberfest celebration, Germans would not be insulted. The intent behind the action is what is important.

    When Fuzzy Zoeller commented at the Masters about the Tiger’s dinner being fried chicken and collard greens, that was meant to insult. This dinner was meant to honor. The intent is what is important.

  • Unkle Ruckus

    The matter is now dead.

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com a rose by any other name # 9304026339482056536 ™

    @What a world… you said it right.. Dont these people realize why black folks get upset because other races put a stigma to it and they do consider our food bad for you and a joke… now you tell me with all the chemicals and anitbiotics they shoot up in meat and preservatives they put in food.. what the he** is good foe you anymore.. and my thing is why put fried chicken on black folks and collard greens, white folks down douth eat them toio and some eat chittlins and one white lady asked me in the grocery .. how do you cook collard greens.. come on if you eat them so what.. stop trying to act like only blacks eat them (white folks) plus i know a lot of blacks who dont eat greens or chittlins!! Like my grandpa said .. eat in moderation!!

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com a rose by any other name # 9304026339482056536 ™


  • Somali Ninga

    @ Rothschild
    I dont sound stupid!! Dude i know what I’m saying I dont take what I say back!!
    Go eat ur lard food!!

  • GotYou

    I hate back pedaling.

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com a rose by any other name # 9304026339482056536 ™

    @Somali.. i guess im glad i changed the game then because i dont eat meat only chicken and fish, i dont even eat pork!! I actually eat more fish than chicken!

  • White Devil

    I remember walking through the market in Hong Kong. They had snakes, eels, any animal you can think of they will eat. There is nothing wrong with that. I heard that they are not eating dogs as much because of cultural pressure from the West.

    I don’t think being a finicky eater is anything to be proud of. I kind of wish I was a more adventurous eater, but I have a hard time eathing anything other than pig, cow, chicken or seafood.

  • Creole Baby doesn't care about Wack People

    oh my

  • Darkesthourgla ss

    I more of a picky eater myself. I’ll mostly eat poltry and fish. No red meat and very little pork. I don’t do those “exotic” meats I’m sorry. Talking about they have a lot protein in them, so does eggs and chicken. Whatever.

    P.S. I don’t cook with lard and grease either. That’s as old school as tin of grease sittin’ on the stove since 1989 😮

  • Darkesthourgla ss

    I’m surprised no one mentioned Scrapple, pig feet, or muskrat. I don’t eat that s hit but I’m from Maryland and know of a lot of people who do.

  • Tee3

    ?uestlove = ??
    He seems to be in the game but not a willing participant, he’s just trying to stay paid.

  • Tee3


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