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DaBaby has been under intense fire for most of his professional career. A bevy of controversy has followed the North Carolina native including, shootings, fights, bigoted speech, baby mama drama, and God-only-knows what else. The repetitive rapper born Jonathan Kirk is no stranger to legal trouble and new reporting from Rolling Stone suggests that perhaps there are more bibles to swear on in his future.

Rolling Stone has obtained a never-before-seen video of DaBaby’s fatal encounter with Jaylin Craig and Henry Douglas inside a Charlotte-area Walmart on November 5, 2018. This is one of a handful of shootings that DaBaby has been involved in that were all deemed legal self-defense but the Craig family sure doesn’t see it that way and this footage is opening that claim up to some intense public cross-examination.

DaBaby told police that Craig and Douglas approached him, threatened him, and exposed a firearm. The surveillance video shows DaBaby being the aggressor and throwing the first punch which flies in the face of his self-defense claim and lines up with the behavior we’ve seen him exhibit as recently as this weekend.

Craig’s family members and his best friend, Henry Douglas, claim the altercation only started when Kirk became annoyed that the teens had recognized him, and he allegedly demanded they take things outside for a fight. While Kirk claimed to police that one of the teens had first suggested they should fight, the footage shows Craig standing nearby as Kirk sucker punches a blindsided Douglas, barreling into him and striking him in the face. The injury left Douglas with a bruised eye socket and a gash in his forehead that required stitches.

Craig’s mother and father, LaWanda Horsley and Curtis Craig, both say that their son wasn’t a tough guy or a gangster. They say he was a fan of DaBaby and wouldn’t have been attempting to rob him in the middle of a crowded store. Jaylin’s death has been hard on them but DaBaby’s success and ubiquitous songs have made it exponentially harder.

She steers clear of anything related to Kirk, saying that she finds him and his music triggering. Before the death of Craig, her third child, she shopped every week at the same Walmart where he was shot dead. Today, she can’t even drive past the location without suffering an anxiety attack. “I kind of stay at home,” she tells Rolling Stone. “I don’t go to the mall; I don’t do anything. I quit going to events. If I know I have no control in the music, I don’t go.”

This story is starting to sound very fishy.

DaBaby however thinks there’s some kind of conspiracy against him and used Tyrese’s viral “What More Do You Want From Me?” meme to emphasize that point. “Somebody on my a** behind the scenes,” wrote the rapper.

He added in another post that people want his “fine a** baby mamas to hate him” and responded to Hot 97’s Ebro on Twitter who wondered why the Walmart footage was resurfacing.


Click HERE to see the video that Rolling Stone has uncovered.


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