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Here we go again!

It might be time for DaBaby, whose legal name is Jonathan Kirk, to change his rap name to DaDefendant because once again the rapper is in trouble with the law.

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TMZ reports that the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office charged the rapper, who was named as a defendant in that bowling alley beatdown with DaniLeigh’s brother, with felony battery for allegedly attacking a man who tried to stop a music video from filming on his property.

Back in February of 2021, BOSSIP reported that Gary Pagar filed a lawsuit against DaBaby for assaulting him when he tried to kick the rapper and his entourage out of a rental home back in December 2020. Pagar claimed the rapper’s team violated the rental contract by inviting at least 40 more people than the COVID-19 restrictions allowed at the time and using the property to film a music video.

Pagar says when pulled up to the luxury L.A. home he confronted DaBaby and his massive entourage in the middle of a video shoot. It went down exactly how most confrontations with the North Carolina rapper usually go. The 65-year-old claims someone in the crew attacked him before DaBaby allegedly interrupted with a sucker punch that knocked out his tooth. Pagar also said the men chased him through the house and stole his phone when he tried to call the cops. Part of the incident was caught on camera, showing a man pushing Pagar to the ground.

DaBaby usually gets out of legal trouble as easily as he gets into it, but he might not be so lucky after allegedly beating up a white-haired white man this time. In addition to this new felony case, BOSSIP reported earlier this week that a newly released video from the 2018 fatal shooting of Jaylin Craig is possibly bolstering claims that the DaBaby was the aggressor in the situation and didn’t fire his gun in self-defense as he claimed.

Until his unbelievable luck runs out, DaBaby should be grateful he’s as booked and busy as his legal team. After allegedly assaulting fans, women, an old man, his baby mama’s brother, and even his own artist, he’s got to be running out of people to run up on.



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