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J. Prince is calling out Wack100 for allegedly working against him and Larry Hoover’s family in their fight to Free Larry Hoover.

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J. Prince is, without a doubt, one of the OGs in the rap game and any time he addresses something, it’s usually a courtesy call for people to get their act together. Prince has always made sure his brand is known for loyalty and respect, and if you treat him with anything else, it will not go without being addressed.

Recently, Prince became vocal with his issues regarding Ray J and The Game’s manager Wack100 in relation to Larry Hoover. J. Prince claims Wack is working “against the Hoover family” and trying to profit off the Hoover name, which is one hell of an allegation from one hell of a source.

“It’s no secret that I, along with the Hoover family, lawyers, and friends are fighting hard for Larry Hoover’s freedom,” J. Prince said on Instagram. “Meanwhile, this dude Wack and Karen Chapman, have taken the position to work against the Hoover family by trying to monetize off his name and withhold footage that could contribute to his freedom.”

“If it’s one thing this Wack dude is telling the truth about is that I don’t fuck with him,” Prince stated. “When I was in L.A. talking to this lyin’ ass n*a, never once did he take the position that he was partners in the theft of the Hoover family’s like he’s doing in that rehearsed conversation with them clowns.”

“Now, what he is not telling the truth about is why. So, listen up, there’s a woman by the name of Karen Chapman that was entrusted by the Hoover family to interview Larry Hoover with the understanding of bringing the interview back to the family. She decided to run off with the interview and a fake fraud contract claiming Larry Hoover signed all his rights away for nothing,” Prince continued. “Larry Hoover is far from being a dummy, so for Wack and Karen to be taking a position on disrespecting the Hoover family by attempting to sell Larry Hoover’s likeness without the family’s permission is a mistake — for whomever [is] considering buying it.”

Prince continued to explain “all money isn’t good money,” putting everyone on notice who thinks buying the rights, saying they would be on the wrong side of history. Wack100 is always known for addressing anything attached to his name and of course, he responded to Prince’s accusations.

He posted a conversation between the two addressing the claim they never spoke. Hopefully, these two can work the situation out and get the focus back to getting Larry Hoover out of jail as the movement has picked up massive steam over the past year.

You can read the text from Wack100 below.



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