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Racist white folks are par for the course in AmeriKKKa. Not a day passes where alabaster bigots don’t commit some heinous crime of the legal variety or against humanity in some way, shape, or form. Black people have spent literally hundreds of years fight back against aggressions of all sorts and we still continue that fight today. In the summer of 2020, following the public lynching of George Floyd, it was inevitable that we would take to the streets and make our voices heard. We will always be our #1 advocates, however, what made the summer of protests different than any public protest prior was the inclusion of allies, or at the very least, white folks who were willing to stand up publically to either follow mayomen and speak truth to power.

We don’t know if the subject of this particular story was one of those protesters but he damn sure represented non-toxic whiteness well in the now-viral scenario. A video we’re referring to has now made several runs around the internet and it shows a white Lyft driver named James W. Bode giving racist white folks exactly what they deserve; nothing.

Friday night, Bode picked up a passenger, a white woman, who immediately and incredulously remarked “You’re like a white guy,” as she entered his car. Perplexed, Bode asks her to repeat her comment to which she doubles down on her KKKasual racism saying, “You’re like a white guy? You’re like a normal guy, like you speak English?”

Peep the clip below.

Did you hear these soup cookies call Bode a “ni**er lover”??? That’s vintage racism right there. The kind that grandma used to make from scratch in her kitchen.

Following the incident, Bode took to his Facebook page to let everyone know what had happened and exactly who was responsible. See, the woman, identified only as “Jackie” and her husband are the owners of a Catasauqua, Pennsylvania bar called Fossil’s Last Stand. Someone in the comments of Van Lathan’s Instagram post that the restaurant is ironically located on Race Street. Go figure.

Fossil’s Last Stand is currently being eaten ALIVE on Yelp by people who’ve seen the Uber driver’s video and who are calling out the owners. Get a few good laughs HERE.



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