Who Had the Best Super Bowl Commercial???

- By Bossip Staff

Companies spend millions of dollars for their commercials to be aired during the Super Bowl. Last night wasn’t the best but there were some memorable ones. We have posted a couple under the hood… Especially the Audi Going Green Police and the VW with Stevie Wonder.

Pop the Hood and Tell Us Who had the Best 2010 Super Bowl Commercial

Audi Going Green:

Doritos’s Ninja Commercial:

Brett Favre and Hynundai:

E*Trade Baby 1st Class:

Golden Girls Snickers:

Megan Fox Motorola:

E*Trade Baby Girlfriend:

Volkswagen Punch Buggy:

Budlight with Auto Tune and T-Pain:

Budweiser and the Human Bridge:

Tru TV:

There were over 30 commercials last night but let us know which one you thought was the funniest!!!!

Click Here to Watch All of the Commercials that Aired During the Super Bowl…

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  • Encyclopedia Brown

    1st on all you haters

  • Crazy A. Rodney

    Call me crazy BUT I don’T like commercials!

  • Creole Baby doesn't care about Wack People

    oh my

  • chaka1

    Betty White and the screaming chickens…

  • pynk♥{Ernest Davis}

    I liked the Volkswagen one w/ Stevie Wonder. That part KILLED me! lol

  • nicki

    the doritos commericial was def the best…

  • nasser

    they used a hand model for megan fox in the motorola ad in order to hide her toe thumb. she must hate her thumbs real bad.

  • shockadelica 81

    POLAMALU!!!!!!!!!!! his commercial was funny and it actually had something to do with football!!!

  • This B That OOOOO!!!

    Dont touch my momma and dont touch my doritos!!! LOL

  • Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper

    Jay z did, but I also liked the google one.

  • KB

    Golden Girls Snickers..sooo funny

  • tj22

    LOVEE COMMERCIALS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NICE

    wow super weak you peeped the hand model to cover megans’ sanaa lathan type thumbs. lmao.

  • tj24


  • Anon

    Doritos “House Rules” commercial was the best… where the little boy warned his mother’s date, “Don’t Touch My Mamma and Don’t Touch My Doritos”

  • Michael

    Doritos “House Rules” by far was the best.

  • Looking for a Bossip Baby

    The Doritos commercial really doesn’t count since it’s been out for over a month. The Betty White Snicker and VeeDub commercial with Stevie Wonder were the best.

  • Mochaduhh

    1)Doritos “House Rukles” 2)Snickers w/ the Golden Girl 3)Audi w/Stevie

  • Charlotte

    The ETrade babies!!

  • phillyphil

    ETrade Babies

  • http://www.thenoireffect.com GotYou

    Betty White and Oprah, Dave and Jay.

  • Mrs.Laadee

    The first Doritos commercial with the lil boy warning his mom’s date and the first ETrade commercial where they called the girl baby a milkaholic.

  • Mememememe

    None of the above….I like the Doritos commercial where the Black guy goes over to pick up his date and the lady introduces him to her son and there is a big bowl of Doritos on the coffee table. The guy proceeds to eat a Doritos and the little boy slaps him and tell him not to put his hands on his Mother and not to put his hands on his Doritos.

  • reddfoxx77

    i must b the only one that liked the “green police”. something about cops getting arrested at the end had a nice ring to it

  • MzTee

    The Doritos commercial with the little boy slapping the man and stating his two rules — don’t mess with my momma and don’t mess with my Doritos.

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