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Derek Chauvin trial, Minneapolis, MN., March 9, 2021, by Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

Source: Star Tribune via Getty Images / Getty

While the main culprit for the murder of George Floyd has been handed his punishment, there are still others who aided in the senseless killing who have yet to get their proper comeuppance. Based on some new reporting, that inevitability will have to wait another 6 months or so…

Judge Delays Trial For Cops Charged In George Floyd Murder

Judge Pete Cahill has been the presiding official over the state’s case against not only George Floyd’s killer Derek Chauvin but also against the officers who were on the scene that day and did absolutely nothing to stop him nor save Floyd. ABCNews is reporting that Judge Cahill has delayed the trial for both Tou Thao and J. Alexander Kueng until January 2023. The judge’s decision comes in light of the accepted plea deal that one of the other charged officers took saying that continuing into court would create a “reasonable likelihood of an unfair trial.”

To some degree that is understandable. The last thing any of us want is for any of these pork boys to walk away scot-free on a technicality of some sort. Any sniff of impropriety or unfairness could put proper justice at risk. Both Thao and Kueng were previously expected to begin trial in just 7 days on June 13 for aiding and abetting in murder and aiding and abetting in manslaughter.

“These two recent events and the publicity surrounding them are significant in [that] it could make it more difficult for jurors to presume Thao, 35, and Kueng, 28, innocent of the state charges,” Cahill wrote in his ruling.

Despite that concern, Judge Cahill has already denied a motion to change the venue after defense attorneys argued that a fair jury could not be found in Hennepin County. We’re not sure where lawyers would find this magical unbiased jury after the entire damn world has seen the now-infamous 8:46 that ended Floyd’s life, but we digress.



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