Some Morning Cakes …

- By Bossip Staff

John Legend’s jawn Christine Teigen actually does some modeling when she isn’t tagging along playing trophypiece… Pop the hood for more shots of her flatty cakes.

Johnny must not be much of a cake connoisseur, but Christine is a cutie! The shots are from the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. We grabbed a few of Damaris Lewis as well so you wouldn’t miss out on your morning cakes.

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  • mandy

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  • Pookie

    Am sorry but this girl is not good-looking.

  • http://WOW Pinsongirl79


  • ms truth

    noa.s.s.atall tribe. on to the next one

  • Pinfold

    She cute, but she got a lil boy booty.

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  • Soul Touch

    The women look good (her and the dark-skinned sister). Tasteful.

    Hey she may not have an onion booty but I don’t see John having issues with it.

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    even though I usually think that John Legend’s gf is beautiful after really looking into these pix as well as comparing her to the model below,Damaris? I prefer Damaris,I love her cocoa complexion & she looks much prettier IMO. @ least in these pix
    Good both ladies are doing their thing tho

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Plus Damaris has gorgeous almond shaped eyes & lovely cheekbones 🙂

  • Sharie

    OMG- That girl is gorgeous….hot!

  • http://bossip miss dior

    People talking about she’s not good-looking but she got John Legend that tells me she brings something to the table other than flatty cakes, lol.

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Plus Damaris has sensous almond shaped eyes & lovely cheekbones 🙂

  • YorkieLover

    John Legend’s girlfriend also models for Alloy and Body Central catalogs.
    So I guess she’s considered a commercial model??

    She has an exotic face,but her shoulders are really wide.

  • lovlylizzy

    Where is my post?

  • chaka1

    Damaris is BEAUTIFUL. I love her eyes…

    John Legend’s girlfriend is cute.

  • Jordan

    this woman has a gorgeous face…and her body is adorable too…..A S S is NOT everything for real…most women that have big ol as ses anyway usually dont have a good balance of everything else……

    This woman has gorgeous color skin and looks dam n near flawless

  • lovlylizzy

    John Legend’s girlfriend models for a clothing company called Alloy.

  • cutey

    Damaris Lewis is pretty but i have nothing nice to say about john lewis’s girlfriend so i will stop here

  • cutey

    typo *legend’s


    Christine is attractive.Still needs to get with the lunges & a squat rack.Damaris is STRONG.Diggin’ the athletic pose…straddling the engine.Both could get the business.

  • Just Me

    I’m sorry, but that christine girl looks like a rat….a malnourished rat

  • Keeping it 100

    Let’s keep it 100 – Fellas love a nice A.S.S. we need something to hold on to. 4 real, JL can’t be serious, he must have Ne-Yo issues.

  • Tanya

    She does not look good at all. She looks better in the face and in clothes.

  • dede_babi

    ooo thats dat gurl in alloy magazine, i shop there all the

  • Butterscotch™

    @miss dior

    “People talking about she’s not good-looking but she got John Legend that tells me she brings something to the table other than flatty cakes, lol.”


    Not so sure about that. She was on CBS this morning and could barely get through the brief interview without making these weird giggles. The dude that interviewed her tried to play it off. I acutally think she’s really beautiful, but don’t entertain any ideas about her and John having “intellectual” conversations. After all, not every man wants a smart girl…looks ARE enough for some.

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