Comedienne Mo’Nique and Netflix have settled their ongoing litigation once and for all, my loves.

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In 2017 when Netflix rolled out their “Netflix is a joke” campaign to ramp up stand-up comedy content, they began talks with stand-up comedian and actress Mo’Nique. Mo’Nique would have been a great choice considering she is hailed as one of the “original queens of comedy”, the success of her syndicated series “The Parkers” and most notably, the critical acclaim of “Precious” for which she received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Instead of paying her fairly for the special, however, Mo’Nique accused the content tycoon of lowballing her with their offer of a mere $500,000 for a one-hour stand-up comedy special of which Netflix would have complete control. Netflix wanted to own the copyright and all of the audio-only rights to the special.

As previously reported our beloved Ms. Nikki Parker was not only offended but infuriated, especially considering that Netflix had offered “comedian” Amy Schumer $11 Million and AAPI comedian Ali Wong $10 Million both of who have received fewer accolades than the 30+ year comedy veteran. Male comedians like Dave Chappell received offers upwards of $20 Million, meaning Mo’Nique was offered a mere. 2.5% of Dave’s offer. Needless to say, Mo’ Nique called their offer discriminatory, and that’s when Netflix pulled out.

Mo’Nique Took A Stand For Other Black Comedians & A Settlement Has Been Reached

Now after Mo’Nique called for the boycott of Netflix suggesting that her stand will benefit Black female comedians to follow, things have finally come to a close. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the streamer ettled a potentially precedent-setting lawsuit with the comedienne.

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Both sides on Tuesday moved to dismiss the suit, according to a court filing obtained by the publication. The terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

“At the very least, Mo’Nique’s allegations permit the plausible inference that, had she not challenged her offer as discriminatory,” a judge ruled in the case. “Netflix would have continued negotiating in good faith with her and increased her offer, consistent with its customary practice in dealing with talent in the entertainment industry.”

Maybe this means they’ll get back to the drawing board and this special could be in the works.

Would you be here for a new stand-up from Mo’Nique? It’d be a nice break from all of her most recent shenanigans.


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