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Rumor has it Jhené Aiko was spotted rocking a baby bump at Whole Foods recently.

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The pregnancy rumors developed once a Twitter user shared, “I just saw Jhené Aiko and Big Sean at Whole Foods and she’s very pregnant. I know that’s right, Sean.”

Once these allegations hit the web users online, @theneighborhoodtalk included, decided to dissect Jhené’s page and the take away was that her ensemble was much baggier than others we’ve seen her wear in the past.

According to @theneighborhoodtalk sources close to the couple have also confirmed that a baby is, for sure, on the way. If these rumors are indeed true then this would make Aiko a mother of two (she already has 13-year-old Namiko Love Browner from a past relationship), and Big Sean a father for the first time.

Jhené takes parenting very serious and expresses her love for her daughter often in her music. During a recent interview with People’s Magazine last month, Jhené expressed that sees her daughter Namiko going through the same things she did as a teen and that it’s a journey.

After being diagnosed with anxiety she turned to different forms of healing like therapy and reading books by Buddhist monks. She soon realized that as Namiko was getting older the healing was not only for herself but also for her teenage daughter as well.

“I wasn’t applying it as much as I did when s— really hit the fan. And it was really important for me to actually practice these things where I saw it hit the fan,” the “Bed Peace” singer says. “I was physically feeling unhealthy and just seeing my energy level change for my daughter who is now 13.”

She continued…

“As she gets older, it becomes even more important for me to be well. I see her going through a lot of the same things I went through when I was her age and I let her know, it’s taken me 34 years to really learn certain techniques when I’m feeling anxious or angry. And yeah, it’s a journey. I feel like we’re all on a mental health journey because we all have our physical health, but our well-being is so important. It’s just as important, and they go hand in hand really.”

Jhené understands that parenting isn’t easy and makes it a priority to lead by example.

“I still say it, I still have those long conversations with her and try to teach her little techniques like, ‘OK, you seem frustrated — this is what helps me’ or ‘Maybe what about if you listen to music that’s not screamo.’ Sometimes she likes to listen to very hard metal type of stuff.”

With all this practice we’re sure raising baby #2 will be a smooth ride and a piece of cake for the couple.

The pair have been dating off and on since 2016 and while they might have occasionally split up a few times one thing seems to remain true and that’s their bond and admiration for each other.

The last time the pair was spotted out was at Coachella 22 when Sean Don brought his lady on stage during his set.

Jhené and Big Sean have yet to confirm this information but one things for sure, if the couple are expecting the baby will be a beautiful little human being!


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