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Uvalde Families Grieve For Loved Ones Killed In School Mass Shooting

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The fallout from the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting is still coming to bear as more reports are released detailing the police department’s egregious inaction while small children were being murdered. We’ve all seen the viral video of armed officers blocking distraught parents from entering the school. We’ve seen several lies that police have been caught telling regarding their not-so-tactical decisions. Today, we learned of another instance of cowardice…

Uvalde Cops Never Opened Classroom Door To Engage Shooter

While the Uvalde shooter was carrying out his bloody rampage, the men and women who swore to “serve and protect” stood idly by waiting for…God only knows…before they actually adhered to their oaths. According to a new report from the San Antonio News-Express, surveillance footage shows that not a single armed officer even attempted to breach the door where the gunman held two classrooms of children for slaughter. The video clearly proves that no one touched the doors until they got the keys which was more than an hour after the shooting began.

To be exact, 77 minutes passed in the time that the shooting began and the time that officers sent the shooter to hell, according to ABCNews. A source tells ABC that the door should not have required keys because it was unable to be locked from the inside. A teacher wounded in the massacre, Arnulfo Reyes, says he had previously complained that the door was broken and needed fixing.

Additionally, last night, MSNBC reported that the police assertion that they lacked proper protective equipment was also found to be a lie because once again, surveillance video showed a ballistic shield that was nothing more than a paperweight that officers inexplicably refused to use.

Somebody had better come clean about the failed police strategy and potential cover-up real soon…


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