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Cold-blooded shootings were just the opening act.

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The so-called “pro-life” party’s favorite killer plans to release a sick and twisted new business venture. The Washington Examiner reports that on Thursday, acquitted Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse announced a shooting game targeting the media.

Rittenhouse set his sights on the media and politicians after got away with fatally shooting two protestors and wounding another. This shameless money-grab is a blatant invitation for even more fascist violence.

Now his bloodthirsty supporters can embody an avatar of the gun-toting teen in the same outfit and pose from the night of the killings. Instead of helpless protestors, the cartoon targets are turkeys labeled as “fake news” and “MSNDC,” a right-wing nickname for MSNBC.

“The media is nothing but a bunch of turkeys with nothing better to do than push their lying agenda and destroy innocent people’s lives,” Rittenhouse said in a disturbing promotional video he posted on Twitter.

A legal and virtual bullseye on the media

In the announcement video, the smug teen posed with a Nerf gun reminiscent of a rifle while blasting his rap song about bankrupting the news.

“It’s the fake news turkey shoot/ Got a laser gun going pew pew pew/ Follow my suits/ We about to bankrupt the fake news,” the lyrics said.

The proceeds from the $9.99 game will go towards Rittenhouse’s defamation lawsuits to “fight back against fake news.” Since his acquittal, he threatened to target Joe Biden and multiple media outlets that covered the shooting and the 2021 trial.

The last thing these fascists need is another way to silence critics while they whine about attacks on free speech. Rittenhouse used that as justification to also put “Big Tech” on his hit list.

“We’re going against the fake news turkeys but also going toe to toe with Big Tech for censoring the truth,” Rittenhouse explained.

Rittenhouse Isn’t A Lone Wolf

Like many deadly and dangerous White men, Rittenhouse can’t do all this alone. He had multiple enablers before the fatal shooting at the Kenosha protest, and that number has only exploded since. In addition to overwhelming support from gun-worshipping conservatives, Mint Studios jumped on the bandwagon.

“We had to step in to help Kyle after we saw what was done to him. Before the trial, you couldn’t even mention his name in a positive manner on social media without getting banned. The truth literally got you suspended. We fight for the truth,” Mint Studios CEO Mint Chip told the Washington Examiner.

It’s funny that the same people aiming an animated gun at critics can complain about accountability from private companies. The call is coming from inside the house, here.

“The media has attacked me from day one, and now it’s my turn to fight back,” Rittenhouse told the Washington Examiner. “That’s why I’ve decided to launch the Kyle Rittenhouse Turkey Shoot video game and partner with Mint Studios to create a fun and interactive way to get everyone involved in holding the media accountable.”

Rittenhouse’s announcement came the same day that the Supreme Court struck down the gun control law in New York. The ruling was a devastating endorsement of mass shootings in Buffalo, Uvalde, and hundreds of other instances just in 2022. Rittenhouse and his right-wing puppeteers are playing a much more dangerous game than killing cartoon turkeys.


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