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Jasmin Brown, known by many as Watch Jazzy, is catching a lot of heat online for her recent appearance on the Lovers and Friends with Shan Boodram podcast.

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During her appearance on the podcast, which features the host and her guests talking about relationship dynamics, Jasmin revealed she is happily submissive to her rumored boyfriend, NFL quarterback Cam Newton.

Watch Jazzy made the admission when the topic of Brown’s “biggest flex” came up, revealing that her bragging point is just how much she spoils her man.

“You know, like packing his bag, unpacking his bag. Just making sure—all the things that he wants. I pretty much read his mind,” she told host Shan Boodram. “If I know you and I study you, I know how you are in the morning; I know how you are by midday. Before you can even ask me for something, I’m already on it. He’s spoiled.”

It seems like Jasmin already knew the backlash was coming, responding to the idea that her pampering could be considered “enabling.” As for her boyfriend, he doesn’t pay attention to the naysayers, with Brown alleging he says, “of course they are going to say that, they don’t have anyone doing it for them.”

Another admission during the episode got viewers even more riled up, with Jasmin explaining that she has anal sex with Cam even though she doesn’t enjoy it, because he does. Raise your hand if being privvy to this information makes you uncomfy!

Overall, this podcast appearance had social media all the way turnt up for many reasons–the main one being the fact that Cam Newton is a serial cheater who likely doesn’t deserve to be pampered like this. Regardless, that’s what Jazzy’s doing, and she seems to be quite proud of it.

Check out some reactions to Jasmine’s admissions on the podcast down below:



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