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Good day, Bossip Readers! Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Please leave your thoughts for this young lady!

Dear Bossip,

I started dating my man three years ago when we met at the Beyonce Experience Concert. On the first night of meeting we hooked up at his apartment which has posters of Beyonce all over. Things were going cool up until recently, I walked into his room when he was out buying stuff from the hardware store to find a blonde wig, a black leotard and six inch heels tucked underneath his bed. I assumed he was cheating on me with some ball room queen so when he came back I confronted him about it and he said that he and the guys from work were having a fancy dress party for Halloween and that he had bought the costume for his friend.

I went home and believed him until I remembered that we are in the month of January and Haloween is in October! I called my gay friend Jubilante’ who told me that it was possible that my man was planning on making a Single Ladies remake. I was so perplexed and confused- I mean I had seen him do the kitty swing move she does in the video around the house but I didn’t think he’d go that far, so Jubilante’told me what to do.

He told me to take my man to a club and see how he reacted when Single Ladies comes on. Jubilante’ said it brought out the Queen in any downlow man. So I took my man to the club actually forgetting Jubilante’s advice and that was when the anthrax hit the fan.

“Get Me Bodied” came on and my man, who was now really drunk, started to drop down low and sweep the flo’ wid it. Everyone in the club was lookin’ at him like he was crazy but he didn’t care and then he started talking to me in a weird accent like a British accent and a Boston accent fused together with a drawl and he said, “Dahlin! Don’t be bitter! We all have a little Sasha Fi-yarce in us.”

I left the club and went home alone. I havent seen him ever since, two weeks have passed and he’s left about 10 messages on my phone begging to talk to me but the image of him doing the Naomi Campbell walk wont leave my mind. I love him but I cant be with a man who’d rather Sashay with the Kids than make kids with me.

Bossip- I need your help!

We’ll start with the diplomatic approach. You don’t know if your man is truly attracted to men or gay, he may just enjoy cross-dressing and dancing like Beyonce from time to time. One could align his feminine behavior with an alter-ego kind of thing. Even if he hasn’t participated in any homosexual activity, he sounds like he still has some soul-searching to do in terms of his sexual orientation.

Realistically, however, Jubilante’ was all the way on point! Your man catwalking in the club, dropping it low and acting like a “queen” are all red flags that would have most women running as if their life depended on it, literally! Okay, so he had consumed a few drinks and was under the influence of alcohol, but remember a drunken tongue speaks a sober mind! So take heed to his words: “we all have a little Sasha Fierce in us.” Most straight brothas would beg to differ, so exactly who is the “we” and “us” he was referring to?

Girl, run … fast! Sounds like you already have, but stay strong! Good thing you found out before you got in too deep! Could you imagine marrying and having a child with this man completely unaware of the kitty cat inside him trying to claw its way out? Ultimately, he may decide that he’s one of the “Kids” but you need no parts of his confusion! Keep it moving, sis! Keep it moving.

What do you think she should do Bossip readers?

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