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Armed Bystander Reportedly Kills Mass Shooter At Indiana Mall

Source: Jon Cherry / Getty

Mass shootings have seemingly taken over the news cycle on just about every cable station on a daily basis. There are either reports of one actively happening, the fallout from ones that have already happened, or calls to ban guns “to prevent” the next one. The debate about guns in America has reached a fever pitch and while most of the coverage is focused on the evil that men do (mostly white men aged 18-25), very little is often said about defensive shootings. Here is a story about both.

Greenwood Park Mall Shooting Leaves 4 Dead, Shooter Killed By Armed Citizen

Gunfire erupted yesterday evening inside Greenwood Park Mall in Greenwood, Indiana. The yet-to-be-named “adult male” shooter took the lives of 3 people and wounded 2 others before a concealed carrier returned fire and ended the threat. According to WTHR, the Johnson County Coroner and the Marion County Coroner are working to identify all of the victims and the names will be released at some point today. Greenwood Police Chief James Ison describes the unnamed 22-year-old lawful gun owner as a “good samaritan” who chose not to stand by and watch people die like the Uvalde Police Department during the shooting at Robb Elementary School. Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers posted a Facebook message thanking the young man for his intervention.

Witnesses say they heard 20 shots fired in the food court area of the mall. Police have no leads on the shooter’s motive

BOSSIP will have more information about this tragedy as it becomes available.



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