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Police use Glock19 pistols in Portugal

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Another day, another heinous abuse of power by police officers who lied through their teeth when they raised their hand to serve and protect.

Black Door Dash Driver Beaten Bloody By Police In Oakland, Tennessee

25-year-old Brandon Calloway was wrapping up a DoorDash delivery when he says he was racially profiled by Oakland, Tennessee police and beaten viciously to the point that he was covered in blood. According to WREG, police claim Calloway was driving 32 MPH in a 20 MPH zone and failed to stop completely a stop sign. 12 says Calloway did not stop for their flashing lights and instead drove half mile to his home and went inside.

What happened next is the stuff of Black nightmares. Police officers kicked in his door with batons and tasers and carried out a violent act of “blue lives matter”. When it was all said and done, the recent college graduate was dragged out into the streets with a blood-splattered face. His attorney, Andre Wharton, described the incident as a “retaliatory vindictive response to a situation that just got out of hand.”

The entire incident was captured on one of the officer’s body cameras. We will warn you know, it is very graphic.

Between this incident and the Jayland Walker shooting, people are starting to be very loud about DoorDash’s silence…

DoorDash, what’s good?!? If they think that protesters won’t be outside that corporate headquarters in San Francisco making BIG noise, then they got another thing coming.


We will keep you updated on both this story and the Jayland Walker story as more details become available.



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