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Mz. Berry’s ex-boyfriend wanted to cash in on the “For the Love of Ray-J 2” excitement, so he called in a radio show to throw her under the bus after the reunion show aired.

This guy Stu is a radio jock and claims he and Mz. Berry were still an item during the filming of the show and even for periods of time five months after the show, but says he had to break it off with her because she was simply too much drama. Stu says that while he and Mz. Berry had sex, she and Ray-J were never intimate during the filming of the show. This Stu character highlighted her skill in the bedroom and her abilities in the kitchen as her best attributes, and says Mz. Berry only went on the show to promote her singing career.

Stu’s interview with iPower Richmond’s TT Torez:

Mz. Berry talked to Simone over at Cincinnati’s 101.1 and says she was disappointed in the reunion show, but wouldn’t disrespect Ray-J publicly. She says that while their relationship started in public, there were aspects that needed to remain private. She says and Ray-J had a great chemistry, but were separated by distance.




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