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Airlines are dealing with a very hectic travel season as the industry rebounds from COVID-19 and is now charging to speak to an agent online.


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Right now, traveling has become an expedition full of twists and turns that almost feels like an extreme sport to even get to your destination. Pilots are going on strike amid flights being canceled left and right, demanding better working conditions. If you’ve been inside of an airport lately, you’ve seen people sleeping all over the airport due to their unexpected travel delays. With the number of delays, you can only imagine how long the customer service wait times are in-person and on the phone.

Airlines Are Now Charging Up To $35 To Speak To Agents On The Phone

In one of the most capitalist moves of all time, airlines are reportedly charging to speak to customer service on the phone now. According to Yahoo! JetBlue and United both charge $25 to purchase or rebook a ticket with an agent on the phone, while Allegiant charges $15. Spirit Airlines and Frontier both charge $35 per ticket. The concept isn’t new as Delta stopped charging in 2016. The problem now is flights are higher than they have ever been with more cancellations prompting more calls and all of it end with more money in the airlines pockets.


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