True or False: Kourtney’s Baby Daddy Cheats on Her

- By Bossip Staff

Sources say that Kourtney Kardashian is furious because she may have been betrayed by her baby’s father Scott Disick.

Pop the top for the details.

Sources say Kourtney is suspicious of Scott cheating on her after she discovered suspicious text messages on his phone. Scott who doesn’t have a clean slate when it comes to infidelity reunited with Kourtney after a six month separation before she got pregnant.

Like we didn’t see this coming. This guy’s last name is Dis-ick…he has to be an automatic douchebag.

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  • oh well

    NOOOOO REALLY???!!! I would never guess…it’s not like he’s done that a million times before???!!! **note sarcasm** STUPID BROAD!!!


    They all seem so desperate for either marriage or for a man. WTF?? Wait until right comes along.

  • Iyan

    Really? I’m still looking in to the rumor about the baby not being Scotts.

  • Iyan

    Well he ain’t there for the money. Must be for the fame. Good look!

  • Dimplez


  • white male

    He looks like Shawn from BOY MEETS WORLD

  • leonard mckelvey

    What did she think would happen he is just her baby’s daddy. She is not his wife he is still a single man.

  • miapocca

    Where is Khloe when you need her.. Khole needs to BEAT him up for real…

    Everybody knows htis except Kourtney..I dont know if that chick has low self esteem, but she is with a loser, not someone you want your kids to call “daddy”

    What a loser..she needs to cut him loose and should have done so baby or no baby..what an arse!

  • Another day...

    Kris doesnt care about this one, he is broke as a joke, she just wants Kourtney to open her eyes get rid of him and go sit in a sports box and wait for a money baller to notice her. SHe is the best looking one out of all of them but she is determined to love this fool who clearly has minimal interest in her, I see why Khole slapped the sh*t outta him, but she needs to slap her sister. Kim is a bit of a desperado too think they have the looks but are not skilled out in the sack you know you need help when broke YT wont commit to you



  • Miss B

    He always cheats on her. nothing new

  • MzFitt

    “Another Day” – you are so right that Kris doesn’t care about him…LOL…he doesn’t have any money!!!

  • Tam Tam


  • Hannibal


  • Miami chick

    Kourtney, if he is cheating, keep it moving honey, you can do better.

    Why does this dude have such gay/bi vibe???

  • bklynlady

    He’s been cheating! This was on the show…and the entire family knew it. She was a fool to take him back to begin with… she’s a misrable dumb azz baby mama who will never be married to the father of her child.

    I like the kardashians tho….lol Khloe FIRST, then Kourt, when she’s not being a dummy for Scott….Kim’s pretty azz comes in third, she’s just to foo foo la for me….

  • 2Sweet

    This dude looks like Mr. 1984.

  • bklynlady

    Oh well……guess she’ll get her a black man next. lol


    Dumb hoes when will you learn

  • YNV Me

    i never did understand their relationship….he’s a f*uckin leech!!

  • Mrs_T_N_DC

    Of course, he cheats on her. Not sure how or with whom because he doesn’t look like much, but he probably does. Po’ thang.

  • http://bossip miss dior

    lol @ another day, its very interesting that Khloe the less pretty one is the smartest and no nonsense one among the three, am surprised he has stayed this long.

  • It's Me

    home boy don’t see this b.i.a.t.c.h.. that goodie for her and the family. Dog her out like a real playa…

  • Black on Top

    Kourtney is a skeez and deserves to kick rocks and eat from these low life bottom feaders.

  • Lolita

    I’m not surprised and I know this story is true

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