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Influencer Dana Chanel has been the talk of social media for the past week after a video from her podcast went viral for all the wrong reasons.

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Dana Chanel has been an internet personality for a long time, founding the app Sprinkle of Jesus and growing her own online following off the strength of the app. As her own, personal account continues to grow, though, people have realized that her views–and her advise to thousands of impressionable followers–are anything but rational.

Just like every other influencer/celeb, Dana has a podcast. A clip from it went viral this week because some men liked what she had to say, though the videos ended up being shared mostly because people were shocked at how prehistoric her relationship advice is, telling women they should never “weaponize” sex against their husbands.

Plus, she’s in a room seemingly talking to herself acting like someone else is interviewing her, only adding to the secondhand embarrassment.

As this clip racked up millions of views, some users decided to point out that Chanel has an extensive history of alleged scamming.

Dana Chanel Was Sued By Pennsylvania Attorney General In 2021 For Allegedly Scamming

Less than a year ago, in November 2021, authorities in Pennsylvania sued the influencer for allegedly using her social media platform to promote products and services that ripped off consumers, particularly Black small business owners.

According to Buzzfeed, the lawsuit involves Chanel’s other companies, Credit Exterminators (which was rebranded as Earn Company), which helps consumers improve bad credit, and Alakazam, which helps small business owners make their own mobile app. Both companies are co-owned and operated by Chanel and members of her family.

Of course, that lawsuit is the most serious criticism of Dana, but a lot of folks have accused her of doing harm by promoting unusual practices like fasting for your husband and using firearms around children.

Now, according to Chanel, she’s gained 300,000 followers over the course of the last month, all because of her podcast clips going viral.

“Over the last 30 days I see I grew 300K followers by being authentically myself and post when I believe I was moved to speak,” wrote Chanel on her InstaStory.  “I ask the Lord to speak to me, I ask him to speak on my behalf and use me…there will now be a scarcity of my thoughts because I truly desire to give you value, content that will make you think, and most importantly change your life.”

Check out some reactions down below from everyone who’s surprised by all the people still taking Dana Chanel seriously.


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