Baby Mama Drama: Sherri Shepherd’s Ex-Husband Tells her to Move On

- By Bossip Staff

Sherri Shepard’s ex-husband is tired of being thrown under the bus by her for sympathy love from her fans! He’s finally fighting back by responding via an open letter he penned to her. Pop the top to read the details.

He writes:

“Sherri’s career has sky-rocketed, and regardless of how she’s unfairly treated me publicly, I truly wish her the best. She is, after all, the mother of my son. I’ve owned up to the mistakes I’ve made and I never claimed to be perfect. All I ask is that that she no longer dwell on the past; and instead, let’s move on with our lives while providing our son the best possible care. Can you imagine if I were the one with a hit daytime talk show and trashed her at every available opportunity; or created a character in a sitcom for the sole purpose of attacking her reputation? I know Sherri, and she would have spoken out well before year five [of our marriage]; probably before hour five.”

“The issues in our marriage that Sherri continually refers to happened around the time that Jeffrey was born. One thing Sherri never can deny nor has denied is the deep love and close bond I have with our son.

He does have a point. Shouldn’t their private life be just that… Private? Or is it helpful to others and therapeutic for Sherri to talk about her past experiences???


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  • This Some Shhh....

    Bruh, I commend you for even trying.

  • ***JUDY***

    That’s her ex husband?scary!

  • flawda

    cosign what he said, no need to dwell on stuff from the past and i hope she isn’t one of those women who poison their kids view on their father. No need to throw dude under the bus, society already do that to us as black men.

  • Pookie

    He’s right, Sherri needs to forget this “woe is me” act and move on for the sake of their son. It really aint healthy for kids to pick up on bad vibes from their parents.

  • B3 Fearless

    Although I think sometimes it can be helpful for her and the viewers of the View sometimes for her to discuss her feelings about how she felt at the time. I have to agree with him it’s time for her to let it go.

    With that being said it is so hard for some women to let things go especially if the man who did them wrong is probably the ONLY man they’ve ever been with or completely given their heart to which I think is the case that Sherri’s in.

    Every1 heals in their own time but I hope Sherri doesn’t turn out like my Mom who has not been with my dad in over 13 years and although she has finally stopped speaking negatively about him she still hasn’t stopped the “All men are dogs” talk and still hasn’t been on one date.


    Sadly thats how many women behave when a relationship ends…makes me understand why he left in the first place……

  • Pookie

    hey Glok….i see you’re blessing us with your wisdom as usual, lmao

  • Glok...Im repping Marcus Garvey,Xodus !


  • Toni

    Negro she’s giving you a fat check every month.
    Shut that sheit up and take it like the man you are that not only CHEATED on her, but got the same woman pregnant.

    Dumb arse

  • This Some Shhh....

    Where else would she get her material for the sitcom? Just make her pay you for your contribution to her creative process.

  • Pookie

    @I Am Legend

    Us ladies dont expect you to take the blame for everything but you guys lie & cheat so much that its hard for an outsider to feel any sympathy for you.

    But yeah, not all guys are guilty.

  • rbdavid

    She needs to move on. She not the most intelligent person anyway. She’s the one who said that she doesn’t believe that the world is round and got Whoopie to pull her to the side and tell her stop acting so dingy for all the world to see.

  • whatever

    When that ugly little baby grows up and sees how his mother disrespected his father on national TV, repeatedly, he’s going see that she ain’t s*it, and her relationship with her child will be ruined. Regardless of what happened between her and her ex, this dumb-ass woman should have more respect for her CHILD than to dog his father, like she continues to do. GET OVER IT!!!!!

  • NYC Gal

    IDK, Sherri was always talking about her husband during their marriage. So it’s no surprise that she talks about him when they got divorced.

    Another thing, Sherri hasn’t found anyone yet and that could have gotten her bitter about her ex-husband.

    Time should heal all wounds. I guess Sherri needs to seek out some sort of therapy to help her get over the fact that her ex-husband cheated on her. Her ex-husband should think about attenting some of those meetings with her.

  • evadadiva

    In my opinion he should have thought of that before he got married and cheated, its called consequences. If he has to pay by being slandered on national tv then I hope it was worth it. I don’t even like Sherri Shepard she is irritating to me.

  • bluekid

    @ Glok…Im repping Marcus Garvey,Xodus !

    HI! I see you are on a roll today!

    Rofl! I agree with you!

  • NYC Gal

    Another thing I don’t think that her ex-husband should have written an open letter. He should have personally written her or call her up to talk to her about what she doing.

    IDK this ex-husband looks like he is following what Sherri is doing too closely because that shouldn’t bother him if he has truely moved on.

    My guess is that the ex-husband’s career is not going anywhere and he wants his 15 mins of fame by putting Sherri on blast.

  • homecookin

    Guilty cheating men are just tired of feeling guilty for their behavior so they are always like “lets move on”. I bet you wouldn’t be saying that if she got pregnant by some other dude while y’all was together. IDIOT!!

  • only1princess10

    Obviously she’s still hurt !!!! and she has moved on You used her in your marriage so now she uses you in HER ACT !!!! Take notes plz, It may be theraputic to some not to forget their last relationship, it helps them to heel and it keeps them grounded !!! If you don’t like it well there’s nothing you can do about it except sue her for defamation or ignore the trash talking, and let it die and hopefully she will too !!!!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Get the f*ck out of here!!!!! That negro should have thought of that when he was getting some chick preggers outside his marraige. I hope he NEVER gets to live that down. I got some daggone nerve to even open his mouth. Be gone triflin negro!

  • princedonte

    no wonder why so many black men date white women they act so immature you try to tell them something and they go off like crack heads i’m glad black women are the lowest women getting married maybe they can see how they act and change there ungodly ways

  • Miss Thang

    If this was on the other way around. She got pregnant with another dudes baby while she was married to him and then DEMANDED SPOUSAL SUPPORT and on top of all that, her husband got custody. Black men and women would stone her to death. That’s exactly this guys story. He gets another woman pregnat at the same time she’s pregnant. Leaves her. Gets spousal support and doesn’t even fight for custody. Unbelievable. This is a gold bit.c.h. and a whiner. Oh, and to top it all off this doesn’t even have a job! Black men are turds! This is your typical black man. No good and useless!

  • Mrs. Rance

    2/12/10, 13:09:pm

    Negro she’s giving you a fat check every month.


    Hold up! And this negro still got the nerve to be complaining? He’s lucky she let his azz live because it wouldn’t be me. Pooky and nem woulda been got at that triflin, disrespectful azz.

  • I Am Legend

    black women are worthless …

  • princedonte

    Black women stank. They Smell Like Boo Boo.

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