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Sherri Shepard’s ex-husband is tired of being thrown under the bus by her for sympathy love from her fans! He’s finally fighting back by responding via an open letter he penned to her. Pop the top to read the details.

He writes:

“Sherri’s career has sky-rocketed, and regardless of how she’s unfairly treated me publicly, I truly wish her the best. She is, after all, the mother of my son. I’ve owned up to the mistakes I’ve made and I never claimed to be perfect. All I ask is that that she no longer dwell on the past; and instead, let’s move on with our lives while providing our son the best possible care. Can you imagine if I were the one with a hit daytime talk show and trashed her at every available opportunity; or created a character in a sitcom for the sole purpose of attacking her reputation? I know Sherri, and she would have spoken out well before year five [of our marriage]; probably before hour five.”

“The issues in our marriage that Sherri continually refers to happened around the time that Jeffrey was born. One thing Sherri never can deny nor has denied is the deep love and close bond I have with our son.

He does have a point. Shouldn’t their private life be just that… Private? Or is it helpful to others and therapeutic for Sherri to talk about her past experiences???




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