Does Anyone See What’s Wrong with This Video???: Two White Russian Women Discussing Why Black Women are Single…

- By Bossip Staff

ABC News brought the issue to the table earlier this year about WHY so many black women are single. Now two white women in Moscow decided to try and understand why so many black women are single in the USA…

Exactly Why is this an Issue in Russia???

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This issue was already discussed in America and some black women still have this conversation on a daily basis but… AGAIN… Why are two white Russian women discussing why black women are single in America???

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  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    here we go again…

  • Shay*

    Why is it their problem anyways…

  • Soul Touch


    …oh wow…now we’re a national dilemma. lol

    I am 30. I own my own home (purchased a few months ago). I don’t have children. I’m educated and I’m single.

    I also only date black men.

    I’ve never had a problem meeting men…sh*t just didn’t work out. Nor do I feel like I’m running out of options because I date all black men (canadian, american, british, african, west-indian…black is black).

    But I will say this, I know a number of non-black women my age that also have a hard time finding someone. So yes, there are some things that make it harder for black women who choose to only date black men (as they mentioned), but in essence, love is hard to find for most people.

    Why do I only date black men? That’s all I’m attracted to. Yes, other races are attractive, but that’s where my heart is. And there are just as many black men that feel the same way about black women. My problem with this look at celebs/athletes, there is a large number that date/marry black women, no one talks about them.

  • Soul Touch

    I am dating someone, but by single I mean unmarried.

  • Somali Ninga


  • kris

    why not? their women too. maybe they have good advice to give…lol We can’t figure it out…maybe some white women can. just sayin..hahaha

  • John Mayer

    Soul Touch

    You only date Black men. You’re sexually racist!

  • Soul Touch

    @John Mayer

    And you’re a fool. Go play your games somewhere else.

  • tunie1

    It is an issue for all the of them…if we can’t find Mr. Right in our own backyard, they are afraid we may come visit in theirs….

  • Halle Berry

    Ladies get you a white man. He will love and take care of you. Black men just want to beat you down & then call you loud when you scream for help.



    Halle Berry, Halle Berry

  • John Mayer

    Soul Touch

    So why don’t we get together, so I can poke your Harriet Tubman with my David Duke?

  • Angee

    Why the H-E-double hockey sticks is this being discussed in Russia?!?!? 🙄 😯

    Don’t they have more pressing issues to be concerned about? Is this supposed to be a human interest story?

    Let me get out of this thread, it’s about to get real ugly in here.

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    What these Russian women need to do is a study on as to why so many Russian women are seeking out North American men for marriage since they have all these mail order bride services or what not..puh-lease! They have bigger fish to fry out there so don’t “worry” so much about black women & our love lives…On to the next—->

  • Soul Touch


    That’s a problem with people period, not black woman.

    Most people will put the blame outside of them before they will look within for the answer (what I could have done different or what I did wrong, for example).

    Playing the blame game will get you no where but running in circles.

  • Daywalker(THE DAYDREAM!!!)


  • kris

    hahahaha@john mayer (the name alone is funny) HAHAHAHAHA sexually racist?..Soul Touch. Many black women are. I’m not.

  • Stop With The Foolishness

    ^^^You know you aint no Halle Berry^^^ LOL

  • Soul Touch


    LOL, ya know.



  • kit

    reason bad attitude

  • Soul Touch


    And neither are half the women in my family (married to white men)



    Dont start with the ignorant ish.

  • White Devil

    Maybe they are worried about a bunch of Naomi Campbells scooping up all of the rich Russian men.

  • shabbaranks

    one up black people? russians dont care, they just wondering why so many single black women maybe

  • Soul Touch

    If love wasn’t hard for everyone then why do we have all these dating sites.

    White, Black, Purple people are trying to find their mate.

  • Stacey Dee

    I meet guys of all races, whether I am living in the states or overseas, all you fools on here saying “they are comparing us to white women” well duh..of course they are, women are women. We are not a seperate species from white women! We deserve the best just like they do. You can sit there and pretend your offended by this, but it’s *****ing you off because you all know it’s true. The moment black women stop being delusional about black men is the moment they will find happiness. If you cannot find a black man who is on your level, find another one of another race who is.

    If your ignorant family tells you not to bring home a white/hispanic/asian man, and you listen, then your a bigger fool than others and you deserve to be alone.

    How many black mothers do you think tell their sons not to bring home a white you think they listen? No. Black men go for what they want and they do not care how it looks on black women. They ridicule and humiliate black women in public and make ZERO apology for it.

    Only black women are sitting around complaining about this and what’s amazing is they still haven’t figured it out what I say almost everyday to black women on this site. Give up on black men. They simply do not matter anymore!

    If your lucky and land a good black man, you betta fight like hell to make sure he is happy and so are you, because successful black on black relationships are few and far between.

    They don’t marry you, they don’t take care of their own kids, they give you no support, yet your fighting to be with men that do not want you. Please wake up and explore your options!

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