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And another one bites the dust:

Chris Brown is set to enter the reality TV industry by launching his own dance competition series. The Kiss Kiss hitmaker frequently shows off his fancy footwork in his music videos and live performances, and now he is to give wannabe dancers a chance to strut their stuff on his forthcoming show.

The currently untitled project, which will focus on hip-hop and street dance culture, will see contestants go up against one another in a variety of dance-offs, with Brown choosing the winner of each round. Speaking of the programme, Brown says, “Dancing is more than just a way of moving, it’s a different expression of music. That’s what I want to focus on with this show.”

We’re sure this will draw some kind of audience, but all these reality dance contests are getting out of hand by now.


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  • fnioeu

    I was surprised to see his photo and video on .It is said that he is a featured member of that Sit’e. Who can tell me what kind of relationship he wants to seek? I love him very much and want to know what does he do on that Sit’e. Who can help me?

  • intuitivepisces


  • w.w.


  • intuitivepisces

    Naw, 1st!

  • Re (This jetlag is a mutha...)

    I’m going to start my own reality show, which will be based on random people on the streets who wear things that are not acceptable any longer (or ever). Every Friday we will start a large bonfire and burn them all. This list will include:

    -CHUNKY platform foam flip flops

    -Patent leather belts worn around the stomache


    -Suede jacket with strings hanging from the sleeves Indian style

    -Fishnet shirts

    -Plastic colorful earrings from Sally’s Beauty supply

    -Muscle shirts

    -Akward baby heel flip flops

    The list goes on. I will make millions.

  • azdelish

    third………. luv his moves

  • Official TimeHater

    TIRED! Can he please put his shirt back on? Don’t nobody want to see his pre-teen azz.

  • intuitivepisces

    I never thought I would say this but enough with the reality tv shows already.

  • Doagae


  • intuitivepisces

    @ Re

    Don’t forget the following:

    -High-heeled sneakers

    – Ponchos

    – Bejeweled house shoes

  • Re (This jetlag is a mutha...)

    Intuitive pisces

    HOW COULD I FORGET, thank you! Sneaker heels are a must.


    -Shirts with logos such as , “Make that money,” “Gangsta for life,” “F the haters.”

  • Whateva Biatch

    i love me some CB i’m definitely interested. you go boi

  • Re (This jetlag is a mutha...)

    -baby denim jackets on grown ass women

    -“hip hop” chains

  • Aunt Viv

    While I’m a bonafide sucker for dance shows (tonight So You Think You Can Dance & America’s Best Dance Crew back to back), I do think that the whole reality thing has gone way too far. Let’s see if Breezy brings anything new to the table…

  • bree

    i am dying over here.. Re you are tooooo funny..if you’re looking for anyone to edit the scenes, i will offer my services..

  • BROWNS TOWN BABY (NIKKI UNDERWOOD SAYS DMX said "She gave me the P*SSY that ass is getting fatter")

    Re & intuitivepisces

    How can we forget crocs and chains with AK charms? Oh and pajamas worn in Walgreens/mart/Target/grocery stores….

  • swoosh



  • intuitivepisces

    – tube tops w/ regular bras

    – clip on ponytails

  • JorgeOoOoOo


    LMAO overgrown 10 year old.

  • Re (This jetlag is a mutha...)

    LOL at Bree, Nikki and Intuitive. This list could get long….

    -Dress pants with white socks.

  • Z

    @Re, Intuitive, and Bree

    Don’t forget fur pimp hats. (can u believe ppl really wear those? ugh)

  • Z

    Metallic Gold Trench coats

  • intuitivepisces

    ya’ll we could go on forever…

    – shorts, knee hi socks and bright-colored sneakers (T. Beckford style)

    – and that suspect-lookin’ tank top, too

    (Re, I know u already said tanks but I’m reiterating).

  • BROWNS TOWN BABY (NIKKI UNDERWOOD SAYS DMX said "She gave me the P*SSY that ass is getting fatter")

    Umbrella strollers w/ babies feet dragging behind them.


    GO CHRIS. But i see he is putting on weight, looking a lil pudgy in the love handle area.

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