Guess Who Walked Out The House Looking Like This…

- By Bossip Staff

Someone was spotted on the streets looking a mess from the back and the front. Can you guess who???

Pop the top to see who it is and catch a full frontal view of this catastrophe.

Andre Leon Talley was out and about by the tents during Fashion Week rockin a dollar sign sweatshirt, some furry cloak, and some velour pants.

We’re just glad he traded in those rundown velveteen slippers, although we could of done without all the extra sh*t he has on instead.

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  • Pinfold


  • really?

    knew it!

  • Nia

    The Vogue Editor at Large. I expect nothing but this from him. He is extremely eccentric, but he knows his clothes!

  • phillyphil

    Is that Eddie Murphy’s Dad from coming to America?

  • Pinfold

    I guess PETA will be after him next for the fur and what looks like a baby elephant tusk/prehistoric saber tooth, lol!

  • Don'tGiveAWhat

    I SWEAR I knew it….

    I can’t believe this guy (and I use the term LOOSELY) is supposed to be some sort of fashion GOD… SMH.

  • dismymoney

    He don’t give a straight f.u.k. He could rock that twisted sh!t that Kanye wears and I would respect him.


  • tunie1

    He couldn’t help me pick out a paper bag.

  • WhatAWorld08

    Andre is the shyt.Fluck what the rest say and he does know his clothing.His clothes are almost always on point,and he’s a legend.So I see nothing,lol!

  • brandimus

    who is this guy?

  • chaka1


  • chaka1

    and the white woman…

    Woo chile…

  • tell it like it is...

    Looking a damn mess! Why didn’t boney maroney talk him out of this fit?

  • http://bossip MY BAAD>>

    King Jaffe of Zumunda!!!!

  • Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper

    I call him kung fu panda lol. looks like he killed a some other animal today to add to his collection. smh

  • her?yeahher

    that is Mr.Andre Leon Talley of Vouge magazine. he did not JUST get down with vouge he has been with them for years, in the industry for YEARS and contributing to the looks of your favorite actresses,singers and models for YEARS! he is legendary and can wear whatever the hell he wants.

  • Tee3

    The Legendary Andre Leon Talley can get away with looking like that. It wouldn’t work for someone like Bobby Brown or Raekwon, but Andre’s O.K.

  • Ummm, can we say HYPOCRITE???

    @ Tee3, TJ, her? and WhataWorld

    Thank GOD somebody in here knows what they are talking about. That is THE Mr. Andre Leon Talley and he is THE MAN regardless of what he looks like. He has made his way UP and loves to support his people.

  • Hmmm....

    Andre Leon Talley, at least he’s not anorexic.

  • None of Your Damn Business :-)

    I didn’t even have to guess twice….Tangy, fruity, stinky, Mr. Talley……a H.A.M. indeed….LAMO!!!

  • GotYou

    When you guys become as educated and talented as this man throw rocks at the thrown. Until then sit down. This man is not only educated and knowledgeable, but he is truly a fashion icon.

    He wears things like this outfit for fun and because he can. He’s secure with himself first as a Black man, then as a gay black man. Don’t knock the confidences, sit back and take notes.

    w w w . t h e n o i r e f f e c t . c o m

  • PraDaMaMa


  • Somali Ninga

    ugly a$$ man!!!

  • Pinfold

    For all of you taking up for this clown…it doesn’t even match. He looks homeless and blind.

  • me

    Dude managed to get a whole specie of minks extinct with one article of clothing?wow
    in the near future peta will be covering his a$$

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