Jennifer Hudson Drops A Whopping 56 Pounds To Play Winnie Mandela!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Congratulations are due to Jennifer Hudson!!! BOSSIP has learned the actress/singer has been sticking to a weight loss program that has brought her 56 pounds lighter. Jennifer revealed she shed the pounds to play South Africa’s Winnie Mandela for the upcoming film Winnie. Pop the hood to find out how she did it.

For Hudson weight loss didn’t come in a magic pill or cream, the curvy Chicago star credits hard work for her progress:

“I’ve been exercising and trying to stay consistent,” she says. “I’m jogging and eating right.” The 28-year-old mother admits it’s not always easy sticking to the plan but the moment she feels the urge she, “hops up and goes for it.”

Hudson has also been working with celebrity trainer Harvey Pasternak (who famously got Jessica Simpson in her Daisy Dukes).

We can definitely see the difference — the photo of Jen in the pink dress was taken in October at the Whitney Museum Gala, meanwhile the photo on the right was taken just weeks ago at the Grammy’s. Jog a couple extra miles for us Jen!!!

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  • Gemini


  • Jessika

    First!! She’s pretty either way.

  • Coola

    Good for her. Let’s hope she keeps the weight off.
    It’s time for blacks to stop promoting and supporting obesity.

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs


  • bajan beauty

    she looks beautiful, big or small.

  • 2qt4u

    she looks great!!!!!


    Love It!


    That’s right, Jen! Not only are you talented, you’re fit and dedicated too. Now it’s time to shop for a completely new wardrobe. Ow!

    – – –
    Whipping You into Style One Day at a Time

  • mj is king,so invincible

    Losing weight is very big congrats to jennifer.

  • ooofucthaaat!!!!!!

    I think J.Hud had surgery done. I don’t doubt her exercising also but she had some work done also.

    Did anyone hear any rumor about Matthew Knowles molesting Beyonce as a child and her {Tina} mother stayed married to him?

  • real black is chocolate f'ck fake azz bullsh't!!!! real nikka aka Gmen

    it’s cool!

    fat b’tches stop eat sh’t!!

  • Jer-z Girl

    Jennifer looks beautiful before and after. Her husband is pretty fit so hopefully she will stay with a fitness routine. I don’t think she had any ‘work’ done. She lost that baby weight and then some. Good for her.

  • Tboo

    Jen looks great! Don’t lose too much for Hollywood. Congrats!


    Exercising for a role?
    She should have been exercising for a healthy life. I hope she keeps this “65” pounds off.

  • Soul Touch

    She is a beautiful woman regardless.

    Hard work and commitment can go a long way. You just have to stick to it and it happens. She didn’t need surgery to begin with because she wasn’t that big. Plus, she has an active husband and no 9-5….she has the support/workout partner and time, which most mothers don’t.

    Good for her.

  • Tina

    Looking good Jen. Keep it up

  • drenk


  • white male

    she looks great. I can’t believe she married that reality dating guy

  • loveme loveme not

    Go Jen Money talks bullshyt run marathons

  • teenbean

    J-Hud looks good keep up the good work….

  • Oh

    Drenk you are such a weird a.s.s. Please shut the up.

    Great job Jennifer!

  • Just Another Human

    Here’s the poor kid that Winnie helped kidnap and eventually had murdered near her home in S.A.

    I hope this is what the film is about. Not enough people are informed of the evil monster/mastermind Winnie Mandela really is.

  • drenk


    can you please kiss my @$$?

  • Neo-Geo

    Way to go, JHud…You are stunning either way!

  • kingsley

    well as an african.. i can never undeerstand why we cant get an african actress to portray Winnie…. or even any other prominent african roles for biopic films.. I mean jill scott made a fool of herself on that show on HBO.. sorry.. lol (that accent was wack) There are african actresses and actors that can play rolls of our own people.. I am not getting mad at her.. just the producers of these films… I am sure I am going to hear a very terrible accent…. lol…

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